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Going Fast Together – IGNITE Your Imagination with the Hexagon Smart M.App

In Africa they have a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Collaboration is often the crux of successful endeavors. But we often cannot afford to slow down.

In November 2015, we had the privilege of launching the Hexagon Smart M.App at HxGN LIVE Hong Kong. My keynote was less about the technology and more about the partners and customers that have already realized the power of this platform. This includes IMAGEM working with the Antea Group, GEOSYSTEMS Germany working with Redcatch, Ordnance Survey and more. With the Hexagon Smart M.App, our development partners design, build and publish their own industry-specific apps. These targeted, information services combine fresh geospatial content and workflows to deliver an interactive experience that includes the map and an engaging dashboard of insightful analytics.

The Smart M.App platform enables you to utilize geospatial information to make business decisions. For business leaders in a variety of industries, this is a completely new way of communicating and experiencing geographic information.

After launching the Hexagon Smart M.App, we also introduced a way to infuse new ideas, engaging a broader audience to provide creativity and problems to solve. IGNITE is a competition to create an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that will explore real-world issues in a smart, fresh way. It is aimed at generating a new developer community in new markets, as well as stimulating fresh ideas within our traditional domains. Innovating around the six core themes of Finance, Food, Safety, Infrastructure, Health and Conservation, IGNITE ultimately seeks to attract entrepreneurs and new businesses eager to take advantage of targeted and relevant information experiences.

IGNITE launched in January 2016, with the opportunity to submit ideas through May 1, 2016. During this time, we will host IGNITE sessions around the world to kick start your imagination, teach you to use the technology and enable you to work alongside Hexagon Geospatial staff. Be sure to join us at HxGN LIVE Anaheim in June for the announcement of 20 finalists who will move on in the competition to build and deploy unique, revolutionary applications.  IGNITE will conclude in early December with the announcement of winners and distribution of over $250,000 USD in prizes. First prize is $100,000 USD!  As a participant, you will retain your intellectual property and be invited to participate in an ongoing revenue share model with Hexagon Geospatial as we promote, socialize and distribute these new information services to the world.

We believe the strength of the Smart M.App is in your understanding of real-world problems – and your ideas and ability to build something dynamic and valuable to address these. Ultimately, I’d like to go fast and go together. With IGNITE, we are inviting you to share your ideas and work with us to build a Smart M.App. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, once said, “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” I believe the Hexagon Smart M.App captures the essence of these sentiments as a true game changer, ultimately providing a platform that enables you to create something meaningful, quickly.

Breaking industry expectations and standards for how geospatial software and content can work together – that’s shaping smart change.


Mladen Stojic

Mladen Stojic, President of Geospatial, has more than 15 years of combined experience across Hexagon companies. As the President of Geospatial, Stojic leads all areas of the business, ensuring a positive customer experience from development and product management to customer support, marketing and sales.