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PP&M Keynote: Digital Projects and Digital Plants – A Major Change for the Better with Saipem and Eskom (TV302)

It can’t be ignored. Digital projects and digital plants are becoming a powerful reality, and we’re in the very early stages of what will be a major and disruptive change to the way large industrial facilities are planned, built and operated. In this keynote, learn how a leading EPC and a major owner operator are leveraging data-centric solutions to significantly improve their operations.

Saipem discusses its journey towards becoming a true digital contractor. Why did Saipem embark on that journey? What methods and solutions has it deployed? What challenges did it face along the way and what benefits did it finally obtain? And where will it be going next?

Eskom, with a fleet of more than 40 power stations across the country, provides more than 90 percent of South Africa’s electricity. The completion of some mega power plant projects, the extension of life of older assets and the reduction of downtime is of strategic importance for South Africa’s emerging economy. Eskom discusses the critical importance of engineering information management when it comes to achieving these goals and shares where it is on its journey to truly managing and leveraging engineering information for its fleet, what solutions it’s using and what challenges it’s facing.

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