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PP&M Keynote: Exploiting Innovative Technologies to Improve Operations and Maintenance Effectiveness (TV301)

Today, the vast majority of facility information is unintelligent. Every day, thousands of experienced plant workers are retiring, and with them retires their knowledge about critical infrastructure. Across industries, this troubling trend now sits very high on the agenda of C-level executives. If not mitigated quickly, the impact in terms of safety, uptime and cost will be very significant.

In this keynote, experience an impressive demonstration of how industrial facilities can use technologies from Intergraph and the Hexagon family to radically improve efficiency and reduce risk for daily work processes. Learn how leading-edge technologies such as advanced visualisation, augmented reality, high-definition scanning, information digitalisation, the cloud and mobility work together to transform the way industrial facilities are operated and maintained.

If you want to learn how – and how quickly – work processes that have remained unchanged for decades will transform during the coming years, you should mark your calendar for this keynote.