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Check out Hexagon’s latest News Mash-up video covering everything that happened October to December in 2022!

Key takeaways 

Welcoming Hexagon’s new President & CEO Paolo Guglielmini. 

Ushering in new leadership, Paolo Guglielmini is Hexagon’s first new CEO in 22 years.  

“I’m honoured by the opportunity to build upon the legacy that Ola and our team have created over the past two decades,” said Guglielmini. “We are very well positioned to capitalise on the vast opportunities ahead, combining software, sensors and autonomous technologies to create sustainable value for our stakeholders.” 

Register today for HxGN LIVE Global 2023! 

Join us in Las Vegas on 12-15 June for HxGN LIVE Global 2023. Hexagon’s flagship digital reality technology conference brings together industry experts worldwide to experience the latest technology innovation. Offering nine industry-focused summits, HxGN LIVE Global will host thousands of worldwide experts from more than 27+ industries. Find out how we are empowering a sustainable, autonomous future – together.  

Accelerating digital manufacturing on a global scale 

Nexus, the complete digital manufacturing platform, will launch on 23 February 2023. You’re invited to experience the launch online! Learn about Hexagon’s open platform, innovative apps and workflows designed to solve complex engineering and manufacturing problems. 

Partnering with purpose: Investing in strategic solutions  

Hexagon is accelerating the progress of digital reality solutions through strategic partnerships and investments. By driving technology innovation, we empower leaders to drive digital transformation. 

  • Hexagon invested 100MUSD in Divergent, a pioneer in green manufacturing technologies. The investment reflects Hexagon’s commitment to advancing autonomous, sustainable manufacturing through the integration of green tech. 
  • Sumika and Hexagon have partnered to reduce plastic carbon from new vehicles by 60%. In addition, they’ll digitise sustainable compounds to create more environmentally friendly vehicles and reduce the automotive industry’s impact.  
  • Cool Earth is a non-profit focused on protecting rainforests, and the partnership will promote sustainable mining practices and mitigate the negative impact mining can have on the environment. 
  • ZF Group leads in advancing autonomy for the automotive industry. By integrating Hexagon’s positioning solutions into ZF’s driving system, the companies hope to improve the accuracy and reliability of autonomous vehicles. 
  • OSASI and Hexagon have partnered to develop disaster management and prediction solutions. They aim to help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters faster and more effectively. 

Moving beyond the digital twin: Supporting citywide planning in Stuttgart, Germany 

Helping to improve urban planning, management and sustainability, Hexagon and Fujitsu are putting data to work through positioning technologies that will capture Stuttgart’s digital twin. Through real-time modeling and visualisation, simulations will enable city and regional leaders to make better-informed decisions to support Stuttgart’s successful development. 

Addressing the skills gap in metrology at Purdue University 

As one of the leading universities for engineering and metrology, Purdue University provides metrology students with workplace training and knowledge. Utilising Hexagon’s technologies in education coursework delivers a real-world, hands-on experience that’s invaluable for future metrologists.  

Improving emergency response for crime and operations centres  

Tapping into artificial intelligence technology, HxGN Connect offers crime and operations centres a real-time platform that improves responsiveness in cities worldwide. Equipped with AI to monitor incoming data in real time, HxGN Connect alerts users to trends, anomalies and unfolding situations. Delivering more information at a rapid pace, law enforcement and safety agencies can now make lifesaving, fast-acting informed decisions. 

Visualising the entire mining lifecycle digitally 

Improving workflow for miners, the new Life-of-Mine Experience offers 3D visuals, data, analytics and machine learning to optimise operations for a sharper, more competitive edge. Mining companies have long employed Hexagon’s cutting-edge mining tools and platforms for better, safer job sites. By virtually connecting mining workflows, miners can now safely and efficiently explore, plan, move materials, drill and blast, survey, monitor and map upcoming underground endeavours. 

Hexagon’s APAC Decarbonisation Confidence Index equips industries with actionable steps. 

Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division released the Decarbonisation Confidence Index to share the state of decarbonisation in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the confidence and preparedness of the region’s industries and companies to transition to a low-carbon economy. By looking at government regulations, industry initiatives and technological advancements, the report was able to draw many conclusions about the region’s sustainability. It also offers a clear, actionable roadmap for the region’s journey towards a more sustainable future. 

Growth through acquisition 

Hexagon teams across the globe are growing in 2023 as we advance innovation capabilities with leading digital reality and autonomous software portfolios. 

  • Qognify serves more than 4,000 worldwide in banking, government, logistics, manufacturing, retail, transportation and more. Its solutions combine video data with operational workflows for advanced physical security and incident management.  
  • LocLab creates digital twins with its leading 3D content creation software. Using automation and artificial intelligence, LocLab’s technology enhances business speed and scalability. 
  • Projectmates has been a pioneering force in the construction software industry since 1997. As an established voice in construction, the company delivers best-in-class solutions for getting jobs done safely, on time and budget. 

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