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Hexagon’s News Mash-up (November 2020)

The world around us is changing, and Hexagon is working hard to drive innovation that will empower an autonomous future, as well as to adapt to new challenges that will help us through these difficult times. 

In this episode of Hexagon’s News Mash-up, we bring together stories that are focused on autonomous technology, from voyages across the Atlantic to fast-paced racecars and self-driving tractors.

0:29 To serve and protect: Assistive AI technology aides public safety agencies

1:06 Farm aid: Bringing autonomy to the agriculture industry

1:32 Preparing to set sail: The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is on course to make history

1:56 Racing forward: Hexagon sponsors the Indy Autonomous Challenge

2:31 Unmasked: Using facial recognition to see the unseen

3:00 Clearing a new path: The use of robotics and automation in construction

3:24 On the right track: AI project in Great Britain aims to improve rail infrastructure

3:46 Enhancing Smart Manufacturing: DP Technology improves quality with AI capabilities

4:10 Experience the autonomous future at HxGN LIVE Global 2021