The evolution of drill and blast arrives with the first-of-its-kind HxGN MineMeasure

Hexagon is taking innovation to a new level with the launch of HxGN MineMeasure, which features tailored software and hardware solutions designed to measure and improve the drill and blast (D&B) process.  

With declining ore mining grades a problem faced by many within the mining industry, HxGN MineMeasure empowers mines to work smarter, not harder. Backed by a team of dedicated technical experts, MineMeasure brings accuracy and precision to every step of the D&B process with the potential to save companies millions. In its drive for excellence, MineMeasure enhances the opportunity for incremental improvements needed for elite performance while offering safer and more effective D&B mining techniques previously deemed impossible.  

“Improving ore recovery by even just one per cent can mean millions of dollars for a mine,” said Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. “Not only does MineMeasure address the small errors that can compound with costly consequences throughout the notoriously complex D&B cycle, but also it addresses sustainability of our resources — ore grades are declining everywhere, which means mines are digging more earth for less ore.” 

With the launch of MineMeasure, Hexagon boasts the most extensive solution reach across the D&B lifecycle, combining blast design software, high-precision drills, blast movement vibration monitoring, fragmentation analysis and enterprise analytics. MineMeasure digitises data for the mechanical delivery of high-value ore while empowering customers with a data-driven feedback loop, calibrated to increase profit from every blast while minimising ore loss.  

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