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Hexagon | NovAtel tests to the edge

We loaded our SPAN technology into a L-39 Albatros high-performance jet and put it through extreme acrobatic manoeuvres at over 500 miles per hour pulling over 5 G’s. Even in these extreme difficult conditions, SPAN technology from NovAtel delivers.

In this episode of HxGN TV, we sat down with Bryan Leedham, Product Manager of Enclosures and Post-Processing Software at Hexagon | NovAtel, including the renowned SPAN GNSS+INS sensor fusion technology. Bryan’s focus is maximising customer success when integrating GNSS and INS positioning technologies. We were also joined by Gordon Heidinger, Segment Manager – Automotive and Safety Critical Systems, specialised in designing electrical systems, vehicle electronics and vehicle-level engineering. Gordon continues his passion for state-of-the-art technology in the automotive industry at Hexagon. Bryan and Gordon share their insight on how the project was conceived, what they learned, and what the data collected means going forward.

To learn more, please visit novatel.com/tech-talk/testing-to-the-edge.