Hexagon Headlines: 6 stories you don’t want to miss!

Like the sides of a hexagon, our team is continuously moving in many directions with one fundamental goal: to empower our customers – operating in more than 27 industries – with the freedom to deliver a sustainable, autonomous future.

Just two weeks into 2023, we are already accelerating the world’s digital reality transformation by unlocking the power of data across industry applications.  

Here are six highlights from around the globe:

1. Oil and gas facilities find ways to adopt smart mobile devices.

The oil and gas industry has been slow to enable digital transformation due to concerns around safety, cybersecurity and compliance. However, new advances in technology deliver solutions for successful implementation. Find out why – and how – it’s finally time for a change here:  Mobile at last: why the Oil & Gas industry is finally embracing smart mobile devices 

2. How AI advances construction sites with time-lapse photography and live video.  

Construction site leaders looking to stay ahead of jobsite progress can now utilise autonomous solutions through AI-powered technology to capture construction projects on an ongoing basis. Advancements in technology — particularly gaining insights from machine learning and AI — provide high visibility opportunities for every facet of the operation to make construction more time-efficient and cost-effective. Read more about How AI-Powered Construction Progress Documentation and Real-time Site Control Benefit Construction here.  

3. Making Barcelona safer through technology.  

In Barcelona and the Catalonia region of Spain, police and fire brigade dispatchers now have access to real-time information about the emergency forces and resources deployed. Through technology innovation, regional leaders are making their cities safer through increased coordination, service quality and reduced emergency response times.  Read more about the future of safe cities here: CASE STUDY: Integrating emergency dispatch capabilities in Spain. 

4. How companies achieve sustainability goals with smart manufacturing. 

Around the world, manufacturing companies are embracing digital transformation and discovering ways to make better products in new ways. Technology provides the catalyst to harness intelligence and find greater efficiencies with lower environmental impact. Find out how smart manufacturing supports sustainability. 

5. The future of construction innovation. 

Are future leaders of surveying and construction empowered to shape an autonomous, sustainable future in construction? Find out what our podcast guest, Paul Holley, professor and director of the Center for Construction Innovation and Collaboration at Auburn University, says about what’s drawing young people to study surveying and construction. And how technology innovation, such as unmanned aircraft systems, LiDAR, photogrammetry, laser scanning and autonomous data capture are helping to achieve new levels of accuracy and efficiency. Listen here.  

6. From weather preparedness to installation of sustainable solutions, how Hamburg, Germany, is using Smart Digital Reality™ . 

Regional leaders in Hamburg, Germany, are leveraging data to create more than a digital twin. Through reality capture, positioning, design & simulation and location intelligence, autonomous technologies are working together to provide Scalable Sustainability solutions to the most pressing challenges, from weather-related response simulations to monitoring of tree populations crucial for carbon sequestration in urban areas. Discover how Smart Digital Realities can help solve Germany’s most pressing challenges. 

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