Hexagon Headlines: 6 of the latest global innovations

Twice a month, our team gathers the top news headlines across Hexagon so you can keep up on the latest in technology, all in one place. Our worldwide customers are using our innovations in amazing ways, transforming more than 27 industries with autonomous, sustainable technology. 

Explore six of the latest news stories from Hexagon, including exciting acquisitions, new uses for technology and even a bicycle trek through Southeast Asia: 

  1. Making mining safer with the acquisition of HARD-LINE.

As a global leader in mine automation and production optimisation, HARD-LINE offers remote-control technology that allows miners to operate heavy machinery from any distance. Miners will now be able to pair tele-remote operation with Hexagon’s life-of-mine technology, including the award-winning HxGN MineProtect platform.

“We’re excited to welcome HARD-LINE, a company that shares our vision of a future that’s safer, sustainable and increasingly autonomous, into the Hexagon family,” said Paolo Guglielmini, President and CEO, Hexagon. Read the full press release here.

  1. Software and solutions for metal additive manufacturing.

Earlier this month, Hexagon acquired CADS Additive GmbH, a fast-growing provider of specialised software that helps companies prepare designs for metal additive manufacturing (AM). CADS Additive’s AM Studio software already connects with Hexagon’s Nexus digital reality platform, which manufacturers can use to create shorter workflows and higher-quality products. Learn more with the full press release. 

  1. Creating digital twins on a bicycle trek across Southeast Asia.

As the technical lead for Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, Yohann Ly decided to embark on a seven-week bicycle trek through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. His goal: To show that digital twins can be created in the most remote locations, despite extreme weather conditions. Ly is travelling with the Leica BLK2GO mobile scanner to capture digital twins of historical sites throughout his journey. Experience the adventure and take a tour through Ly’s photo gallery. 

  1. Construction industry digital transformation continues.

As the construction industry becomes increasingly networked and digital, driver assistance systems are becoming safer, more efficient and more productive. This is particularly evident in the case of crawler excavators, which now have an extended scope with automatic machine control systems, courtesy of Liebherr and Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon. Leica Geosystems provides 2D and 3D machine control systems so workers have accurate positioning information for their machines.

Find out how Liebherr is extending its range of machine control systems for its Generation 8 crawler excavator models.

  1. Perstorp Group’s industrial facilities enjoy improved lifecycle information with HxGN SDx®.

As a global leader in several industries and 140 years of history, Perstorp Group needed to better manage its technical information across facilities. The company began a full digital transformation with the introduction of HxGN SDx, a digital solution for operational information. “It has become much easier to find the right information . . . Not only is it clear where everything is, but the information is interconnected to relate to equipment with tags, which is very efficient,” said Tor Lindström, Perstorp’s Director of Asset Integrity. Learn how HxGN SDx is helping Perstorp Group improve access to lifecycle information and increase efficiency across the board. 

  1. Ford Transit autonomous platform continues to accelerate autonomous driving systems in rural areas.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) selected Hexagon and AutonomouStuff to supply two Ford Transit vehicles powered with its drive-by-wire technology for its DriveOhio initiative. The goal is to provide safe travel and access for underserved populations in rural areas while measuring reactions to autonomous driving technology. Hexagon’s GNSS positioning, sensors and software will help the state achieve its goals. Discover more about the DriveOhio project.

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