Hexagon Headlines: 6 exciting stories from product innovation to Academy Awards

Like the sides of a hexagon, our team is moving in multiple directions with the singular goal of empowering customers across more than 27 industries to have the freedom to deliver a sustainable, autonomous future. 

From Academy Award-winning visual effects to the launch of our new corporate brochure, Hexagon’s sensor, software and autonomous technologies free our customers to harness data across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector and mobility applications. These success stories highlight the creativity and resiliency of businesses and their leaders when equipped with engaging, cutting-edge solutions. 

Here are six stories that demonstrate the exciting advances occurring across Hexagon’s portfolio: 

  1. And the Oscar goes to how groundbreaking visual effects studios use technology to create Academy Award-winning films. 

Visual effects studio THE THIRD FLOOR, Inc. tapped into the power of the Leica BLK360 to capture reality for Avatar: The Way of Water, which won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects last month. Read more from Hexagon’s CTO Burkhard Boeckem here.

  1. At the forefront of geospatial technology.

Geospatial solutions like autonomy-based tools, digital reality capture and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) tech will significantly drive business digitalisation and a sustainable future. Thomas Harring, President of Hexagon’s Geosystems division, penned a thought-provoking piece in Geospatial World that investigates the trajectory and convergence of geospatial tech in multiple industries. Discover why it’s an exciting time for the location-based services industry here. 

  1. Equipping businesses and governments with extensive, high-quality aerial imagery.

The HxGN Content Program captured almost 1,450,000 square kilometres of 4-band aerial imagery at 15-centimetre resolution in 2022. The results feature refreshed imagery of eight U.S. states: California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky and Oregon. These new images will be available for streaming and pixel download within the next three months. See imagery examples for each state.

  1. High-performing project managers achieve project success with reliable data.

ProjectManagement.com and Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division partnered to survey 800 project professionals about high-performance organisational behaviours and how to improve project results. One of the most significant key takeaways? Organisations that trust their data realise higher project success rates. Discover even more insights and statistics from the report on Hexagon’s EcoSys blog — and set your organisation up for victory! 

  1. Introducing advancements in GNSS, positioning and autonomy.

Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division compiled insights from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) experts in the third edition of its reference book, “An Introduction to GNSS”. The new edition features a chapter on autonomy plus real-world applications and advancements in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). Download your free copy here.

  1. Hexagon publishes its 2022 Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

“We find ourselves at a point in history where we must do something that was never before possible: to achieve and sustain economic growth, prosperity and safety while we reverse the course of overconsumption, inefficiency and waste.” 

– Paolo Guglielmini
Hexagon President and CEO 

And thus begins Hexagon’s 2022 Annual Report. Packed with business and divisional overviews, new developments and innovations, financials and visionary statements, the report showcases where the organisation stands today — and how it plans to make a strong impact on the industries it serves in the future. 

Accompanying this is Hexagon’s Sustainability Report, which provides a comprehensive deep dive into the solutions, strategies and governance leading the world into a more sustainable future. Download the report here.

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