The Forensic Digital Twin offers the future for crime, crash and fire scene investigations and safety preparations

What if a crime, crash or fire scene could be captured in its entirety and then preserved for eternity in a digital format? The opportunities are endless: easing pressure on-site for forensic experts rushing to capture everything before a scene is altered; allowing examination from nearly anyone; and capturing vital data for the weeks, years and decades to come as a case remains potentially relevant.

That possibility is now a reality with a slew of solutions tailored to enable professionals in public safety, security and forensics to capture reality and create a Forensic Digital Twin. Everything from a digital replica of a scene, crash reconstruction, environment, location and even evidence can now be obtained in the process of conducting a forensic investigation or reconstruction. Unlike Digital Twins used in other industries, the Forensic Digital Twin technology is a snapshot in time, an evidential freeze-frame, where disturbance, removal or addition of both environment and perishable evidence is prevented.

Additionally, absolute copies of Forensic Digital Twin Master Exhibits can be used to run simulations and animations to test theories and hypotheses with changing environmental factors. This innovative technology can also be used for all aspects of public safety, enhancing interactive and venue-specific assimilation. For example, the accurate, detailed and realistic Forensic Digital Twin of a facility can help prepare for the protection of vulnerable locations and high-security events. Through immersive virtual reality experiences, security staff can familiarise themselves with a venue as a training and planning model.

The possibilities are endless thanks to Hexagon’s bevy of solutions, moving beyond presenting evidence in traditional formats to now reconstructing incidents within the Forensic Digital Twin.

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