Hexagon named a finalist as top 3D Scanning for additive manufacturing company

The 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards, which recognizes the best across a variety of categories in 3D printing and scanning, are now open, and Hexagon is in the running for best 3D Scanning or Metrology Company.

With diverse technologies aiding in the implementation and growth of 3D printing — also known as Additive Manufacturing — Hexagon is helping businesses utilise this new technology for higher volume production.

The standards of dimensional and material quality that apply to traditional industries apply no less to Additive Manufacturing, but because of the greater ability to create complex and optimised shapes, internal features and customisation, adherence to those standards is more challenging. The right hardware for each measuring task also needs to be combined with the appropriate software to enable continuous quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process. It must allow for an integrated Smart Digital Reality, enabling feedback loops that control and manage the process with rapid or real-time correction.

All of these challenges can be addressed with technology that is already available from Hexagon, with a wide range of tools available in different sizes and applications that can be used across multiple devices, from Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) with tactile probes or new optical sensors to high-speed precision measurement of finished, machined parts through arm-mounted, hand-held or in-line laser and structured light scanners that capture whole surfaces and 3D geometries. Hexagon also offers the right hardware for the measuring task, with diverse standard-setting software such as VGStudio Max CT scan analysis, PC-DMIS and Inspire metrology programming and data acquisition, Q-DAS, eMMA metrology data management and statistical process control and REcreate for easier reverse engineering.

With these capabilities, Hexagon is helping 3D printer OEMs and manufacturers lead Additive Manufacturing adoption, helping them realise the potential of their “print ideas” by putting data to work. Help spread the word by voting for Hexagon in the 3D Scanning or Metrology Company category.