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As the best-in-class digital reality technology conference, HxGN LIVE Global 2023 gives business owners and industry experts a competitive advantage with insights into the future of technology. Attendees experience new sensor, software and autonomous solutions and attend inspiring sessions that deliver practical and game-changing takeaways for their businesses. 

Hear from HxGN LIVE Global attendees sharing why you should register now for this year’s conference. 

Exciting new tech

Hexagon’s newest technology announcements make a big impression at HxGN LIVE Global. Attendees experience demos of the latest Smart Digital Reality and hands-on training in the best autonomous solutions.

“There’s so many different, interesting products and categories that I didn’t know about with Hexagon,” said Cody Burke, whose company SmartParts builds embedded traceability solutions and was selected as a winner in Hexagon’s Sixth Sense innovation programme. It is good to meet people in person and see the whole portfolio of Hexagon products all in one place, so that has been valuable for us. It’s really cool to see some of the live demos and scanning solutions on display.

Michael Helm with Infotech felt the same. “My favorite part of the week so far has been the technology [in The Zone]. Just seeing some of the innovative solutions that Hexagon has come up with and the new products and systems they have pushed out is interesting to see.” InfoTech uses FieldGenius software to integrate with the rovers by Hexagon’s Leica Geosystems.

Christina Bullock with Ertech said she loves seeing the new equipment and software that help make her job more productive and efficient. “I found a new software package here that will double my productivity. I can cut the time I’m spending on my work in half with this new program.” 

Electric, compelling in-person energy

“The energy in The Zone is amazing. To see people face-to-face from all over the world – that’s incredible,” said Bullock.  

HxGN LIVE Global brings together thousands of experts and the high-energy atmosphere promotes new connections and big ideas where industry leaders delight in shared aspirations, passions, challenges and solutions.  

“It has been a very mesmerising experience,” said Subrat Tripathy with L&T Technology Services. “Networking has been very great for us and offered a great amount of learning. Experiencing all this in [The Zone] floor and connecting with all the experts has been one of the best parts.” 

As a Business Architect with Flint Hills Resources, Devon Holz appreciates the advantages of networking at HxGN LIVE Global. “You can actually build a relationship,” she said. “I came to meet people . . . and it’s just been amazing.” 

Mike Antosh with ProLytX said, “The energy in The Zone is great. We’ve got dialogue happening between the participants, and that’s really key. It’s one of the most important things happening here.” 

Attendees enjoy meeting old friends and new faces in many environments, including the more casual evening events. “The networking opportunities here have been great so far,” said Helms. “I’ve met people all over the world here, both at the casual sessions, which have been a great way to network, and at educational sessions, where I’ve met plenty of people interested in the same things.” 

CR Kennedy, which distributes Leica Geosystems technology in Australia, brought its customers to HxGN LIVE Global to experience the newest products in person. “There’s really nothing like it,” said Clem Kennedy. “Honestly, there’s no substitute for an in-person meeting.” 

Inspiring keynotes and sessions

General sessions and summit plenaries at HxGN LIVE Global focus on broadstroke topics, trends and messages that leave attendees feeling motivated and energised. Kennedy said, “The thing I like about each keynote session is it is really big picture. It’s not about the nitty-gritty, daily stuff. It’s talking about big vision ideas and how we can help the whole industry and even the whole world.” 

Sara Hanks with Wabtec Corporation agreed. Speaking about former Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén’s keynote kickoff, she said, “I think it was absolutely incredible. There was a ton of energy . . . it was very futuristic, but also urgent.” 

Attending with Aspen Technology, Sonali Singh said, “I attended the keynote by [Hexagon’s ALI division President] Mattias Stenberg, which was very inspiring. I really liked his clever take on “the elephants in the room,” which I thought was great and very relevant.” 

“This is my first time attending, so everything’s been eye-opening,” said Sean Perry with Lamb-Star Engineering. He said “Spot,” the robot dog created by Dynamics, equipped with Hexagon’s technology, made the biggest impression on the crowd.  

Antosh agreed: “For me, the best part of the week has been the technology we’re seeing, including the Boston Dynamics robots and their interaction with the Hexagon technology. [It] is really exciting to see.” 

Clear takeaways and education 

Of course, people choose to experience conferences for the insights and ideas they can take back to their professions. Attendees agree HxGN LIVE Global offers practical takeaways to boost your productivity, knowledge and business. 

“After being here last year, I was blown away by all the technologies and tools,” said Kevin O’Keefe with Building Engines, Inc. “I know there’s a lot to learn. Technology moves quickly. I had to come back, and I brought one of my colleagues with me.” 

Dan O’Brien, an instructor at Fullerton College, has attended multiple HxGN LIVE Global events and presented about the college’s metrology programme. “It’s always a great time,” he said. “I’m excited to hear from the people here at Hexagon, meet up with some old friends, learn about new technologies and apply best practices once we get back to the college.” 

As a first-time attendee, Perry agreed. “I work with 3D reality and flying drones, so I have sat in on a few of those classes. I am growing in this industry and learning a lot. I have been like a sponge all week. I can’t wait to come back to one of these.” 

This year, HxGN LIVE Global 2023 is happening 12-15 June at CAESARS FORUM in Las Vegas, NV. Choose from one of nine industry-specific summits to further your knowledge about digital reality technology, autonomy and sustainability. Sign up today! 

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