Empowering innovation: How the Smart Digital Reality™ frees business to do its best work

Current analyst literature suggests that the majority of CEOs want to maintain or even accelerate their organisational digital transformation initiatives. 

In the midst of digital transformation, many industries are experiencing seismic shifts, from current pushes for more sustainable technology to advancements in adaptive AI and engagement in the emerging metaverse. If businesses today haven’t yet hit an inflection point, they will soon. 

The data problem 

As we hear time and again, we live in the age of data, where we have more data than we know what to do with. The vital question we need to answer is; how can we sort and harness the mountains of data acquired by digitalisation and use it to improve processes, workflows and efficiencies, and do it in realtime? 

Enter the Smart Digital Reality

A common method of putting data to work is with a digital twin, a 1:1 digital representation of a place, object or process within the world around us.  

The concept of a digital twin is not new. However, Hexagon has been building a unique portfolio of sensor-software systems since 2000, and these technologies can be integrated to create an advanced digital solution that goes beyond the conventional digital twin. It’s called the Smart Digital Reality. 

The Smart Digital Reality is the outcome of leveraging Hexagon’s core competencies: reality capture, positioning, design and simulation, location intelligence and autonomous technologies to create real-time 3D digital scenarios that are datarich and autonomously intelligent – providing complete line-of-sight to any dynamic or unpredictable situation in order to understand what was and what is, and to see what could be, what should be and what will be.   

The Smart Digital Reality offers businesses maximum applied observability. Integration of the products in Hexagon’s portfolio results in data- and workflow-driven processes that provides invaluable insights. Industries such as manufacturing, public safety, transportation, construction and many more are now more agile than ever, by capturing data, optimising processes, realising efficiencies and improving predictability.

mesh model of NYC

Embracing what’s possible at HxGN LIVE Global  

At HxGN LIVE Global 2022, Hexagon’s CTO Burkhard Boeckem led an illuminating presentation on how these digital solutions are empowering connections and evolving to address current and upcoming business needs 

Speaking on Hexagon’s work with the Smart Digital Reality, Boeckem said, “We are overcoming the constraints of distance [by]being accessible to everyone. We are overcoming the constraints of time [by]constantly updating the reality capture everywhere. . . We are setting out to create digital mirror worlds of anything and everything.” 

During his keynote, Boeckem’s introduced the Leica BLK ARC, an autonomous laser scanner for robots. Shortly after, Boston Dynamics’ robotic platform “Spot” walked onstage with the power of the BLK ARC and greeted Boeckem.  

Hexagon's CTO Burkhard Boekem and BLK ARC on stage at HxGN LIVE Global 2022

His keynote also showcased an in-depth look at HxDR, Hexagon’s cloud-based storage, visualisation, and collaboration platform for reality capture and geospatial data. Boeckem showed attendees how architects, city planners and entertainers could manipulate real-time data in the platform to simulate new buildings, traffic flow and film sets. 

Businesses can use devices like BLK ARC and BLK2FLY to autonomously capture reality, then visualise that data in real time via the HxDR platform. These solutions and many more tools like them illustrate the practical power of the Smart Digital Reality. 

Boeckem even showed how these solutions can achieve sustainability purposes by mapping CO2 emissions and climate changes in busy locations like New York City. “I firmly believe that you and I – with the magic of technology – can create a sustainable future from this day forward,” Boeckem said. “And if you look at the horizon, this new reality is limitless.” 

After Boeckem’s keynote, attendees could experience the technology on The Zone technology exhibit floor. The Zone included exploration of an AR-enhanced virtual mine environment and digital representations of cities. Amazing interactions, such as real-time surveillance scanning of the show floor and dancing robotic dogs with BLK ARC models, demonstrated that the Smart Digital Reality is here and ready to be utilised. Industries from public safety, defence, agriculture, construction and more are starting to use these digital solutions to leverage data and their best work. 

man working with blk2fly at the zone at hxgn live global 2022

In June, HxGN LIVE Global 2023 will reveal Hexagon’s latest innovations, and attendees will have exclusive, hands-on access to a wide variety of digital reality technologies and platforms. 

Featuring nine industry-specific summits, HxGN LIVE Global 2023 will offer the highest calibre of digital reality technology knowledge, training and networking. Sign up here and find out how you can help us empower a sustainable, autonomous future at HxGN LIVE Global 12-15 June 2023  

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