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PPM Track Keynote – Doubling Down in Operations and Maintenance

Jaclyn Arnold, Hexagon’s VP of Owner Operator Business for the PPM division, will explore industry trends in Operations and Maintenance and how digitalization fits. You’ll learn the value digitialisation can provide in increasing safety, breaking down communication barriers, and reducing opportunities for human error throughout your O&M ecosystem. Come discover how the cost of business-as-usual continues to rise for those who wait on the sideline and what winning looks like when you double down on Operations and Maintenance.

Speaker(s): Jaclyn Arnold, Vice President, Owner Operator Segment, Hexagon PPM

Patrick Harrigan, Director, Business Development, Hexagon Ventures

Rob Bansek, Vice President of Sales, InSource Solutions

Al Chan, Manager – Control Systems, Horizon Oil Sands Canadian Natural

Steve King, Chief Revenue Officer, Hexagon PPM