Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

Women have made remarkable progress in the workplace in recent years, but there is still much more to be done to achieve true gender equality. In honour of International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to share valuable advice from successful women across our organisation who have made significant strides in their respective careers.

The inspiring leaders we feature below come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from a chief financial officer to product managers to a forestry engineer. Each of them knows first-hand the importance of perseverance and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals. On this special day, we want to showcase their insights and guidance to help women at all stages of their career paths.

Focus on the job in front of you and nail that. Many people become too preoccupied with their career paths, but by focusing on and excelling at one thing, you can ultimately reach your desired destination. I found that I accelerated the most when I wasn’t fixated on where I was headed, but rather just doing what I did well.


Penny Simpson
Chief Financial Officer

Follow your strengths and never let barriers discourage you. Take on challenges and master problem-solving skills by tackling real-life issues. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who encourage you to pursue your passions. Never stop learning, seek mentorship and continually strive for personal growth. If you lack support in your personal life, seek it out through your workplace or community.


Wendy Watson
Business Manager, SmartNet North America

Never hesitate to ask questions. Inquiring and being curious about your work and asking your colleagues for assistance is not a sign of incompetence, but rather a demonstration of your engagement and investment in your job. It shows that you are eager to learn and improve, rather than a lack of ability.


Joanna Wnuk
Product Engineer, HxGN SmartNet

Gain as much practical experience as you can, particularly in the early stages of your career. A mentor or internship can provide invaluable opportunities to see how things are being utilized in practice, which can help you better understand their real-world applications.

When considering a job that interests you, don’t be intimidated by the job description. Remember that no candidate is perfect, so don’t let it discourage you from applying.


Elke Hacker
Senior Product Manager, Leica Captivate and Infinity

My advice is to establish a robust network of connections, seek feedback from experienced individuals, and remain curious and open-minded about new ideas. As women, we should strive to set an example for others and provide motivation and support to each other.


Rabia Saeed
Software Engineer

Starting out can be difficult and challenging, with uncertainty looming over you. However, if you believe in yourself and remain resilient, the work can become rewarding and fulfilling.

Remember to lend a helping hand to those who may be struggling, as teaching others can often deepen your own understanding of the subject matter. It’s important to be strong and courageous, rather than striving for perfection.


Eluany Carvalho
Senior QA Analyst

Being a life-long learner and being curious is going to be your best asset as you’re starting a career because the industry is going to continue to evolve, and you need to evolve along with it.


Makenna Murray
Senior Product Engineer, TLS Software

The role you hold today won’t be your role forever — don’t put yourself in a box. Remain adaptable and receptive to change and seek out new career paths that take advantage of your transferable skills. Don’t let your current circumstances limit your potential for the future. If you’re not satisfied with your current role, take control and find a path that fulfils you.


Summer Carter
Solution Consultant

I truly believe we should follow and fight for the realization of our dreams. If becoming a STEM professional is a dream for a young girl, I encourage her to pursue it with unwavering determination. The future of sustainability and prosperity relies heavily on technology and innovation, creating numerous opportunities and demands for technology professionals.

We are living in a generation that is changing many limiting concepts and driving greater achievement for women. While we still have obstacles to overcome, we are paving the way for future generations of girls to have greater equity and more opportunities.

To all the women out there, we need you. We need smart and capable women who can help shape the future and make a positive impact!


Claudia Garcia
Forestry Engineer and Contract Manager

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and reflect on the valuable advice shared by successful women in our organization, we are reminded of the importance of seeking mentorship, never hesitating to ask questions, gaining practical experience and remaining adaptable to change.

By following their wisdom and focusing on our strengths, we can achieve our goals and pave the way for future generations of women.

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