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Building the Factory of the Future (TV500)

Experience the shape of potential as we build the Factory of the Future in the Manufacturing Intelligence Track keynote.

Ever since Henry Ford pioneered the assembly line for mass production of cars, we’ve had a fixed idea of what a factory looks like. Parts move down the line, making steady, monotonous progress towards completion. Until now. Smart manufacturing techniques are challenging the status quo. Data informs development from the drawing board to the road. A new production line is taking shape – or is it even a line?

Join Norbert Hanke, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence President, as he explores how cars are made in the intelligent factory. See how parts develop from concept to reality using the latest data-driven manufacturing techniques. Also on stage is MSC Software President and CEO Dominic Gallello, who offers an innovative perspective on design simulation techniques for the automotive world.

Come along for the ride in this fast-paced keynote session as we take you on a journey from the production lines of the past to the intelligent, modular manufacturing ecosystems shaping smart change across the industrial landscape today.”