How to leverage positioning technology and data to accelerate autonomous systems

The Autonomy & Positioning Summit at HxGN LIVE Global will introduce, explain and demonstrate how companies can achieve sustainability and business growth by leveraging satellite positioning data to power autonomous technologies through sensor fusion. This summit will illustrate how autonomy is no longer a dream but a reality. 

The future of sustainability, efficiency and growth in business practices lies in autonomous technologies. Autonomy streamlines work processes from self-driving cars, delivery drones and mass transit to safer operations in mining, agriculture or other off-road industries. These efficiencies directly contribute to less waste and more sustainable growth across businesses.  

Further, companies can start achieving these gains right now.  

The upcoming Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit at HxGN LIVE Global, Hexagon’s flagship digital reality solutions conference, will detail how today’s technologies empower an autonomous and sustainable future.  

Satellite-based positioning through Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) underpins how we achieve autonomy. Precise positioning technologies are already in use across automotive, mining, agriculture, defence and marine industries, working to uphold safe operations, decrease waste and fuel usage, ensure sustainable environmental footprints and assure positioning, navigation and timing measurements worldwide.  

This reliance on assured positioning is extending into autonomous applications, both on and off the road. By combining GNSS with other data like perception and inertial measurements, autonomy becomes safer, more reliable and within reach for self-driving cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous tractors or mining equipment. 

Attendees of the Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit at HxGN LIVE Global will experience first-hand why and how to leverage everyday data to extend GNSS positioning on land, sea and air into autonomy. Summit attendees will better understand how positioning and autonomy go hand-in-hand from leaders in sensor fusion, satellite technologies and more.  

Early bird pricing to the Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit at HxGN LIVE Global is only available until January 9, 2022. Learn more about the programme here.