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Asset Investment Planning: Delivering value across the asset lifecycle

Today, it’s more important than ever for asset-intensive organisations to adopt asset investment planning (AIP) to help determine how to best spend their limited capital to ensure their assets deliver the highest level of service across the asset lifecycle.

Asset investment planning, once a lagging financial business planning tool, has evolved into a real-time decision support process where leading asset performance maintenance (APM) not only monitors overall equipment effectiveness but reports on the sustainability of the system or equipment in investment terms. This is needed as current best practises are often not tied to asset-level information and rely almost entirely on the judgement of the employees, causing a multitude of issues ranging from suboptimal use of resources to an inability to proactively create strategic asset roadmaps.

In this episode of HxGN TV, Corey Short, Director Portfolio & Strategy Enablement and Kevin Price, VP Global EAM Strategy, discuss how Hexagon’s unique technology enables AIP based on holistic asset-level information, combined with subject matter expertise, empowering clients to deploy the ‘most economically correct reliability-maintenance prescription’ throughout the asset lifecycle.

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