Accuracy at the Service of Geotrilho Project Engineering

The efficiency of Hexagon’s technology measuring processes and proven effectiveness in the field are supporting topographic and geographic engineering projects worldwide through services provided by Geotrilho. Combining the power of Hexagon’s Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 and Leica B-Probe systems to carry out precision surveys, Geotrilho provides services in various areas of the civil construction sector and for public works projects.

Since its creation in 2001, Geotrilho has worked primarily on topographic and geographic engineering, but also has specialised in bathymetry, cartography, inspection and remote sensing in the laser scan and photogrammetry sectors.

After its initial beginnings in the Portuguese market, in 2007 the company experienced a rapid growth in other markets and now has different projects running in Spain, Algeria, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique and Macao, and is currently completing new proceedings for mining projects in Cuba.

The effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy and versatility of the services offered by Geotrilho have enabled the robust growth of its global position, fully matching the values of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence business and its offerings.

Likewise, the training and systems supplied by Manufacturing Intelligence work hand-in-hand with Geotrilho in measuring all types of existing facilities and structures in industrial areas, mainly in the mining and metallurgy industries.

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