Uniting Hexagon’s Research and Development (R&D) Forces in India

As one of the first IT companies established in Hyderabad, India, Intergraph Consulting Private Ltd. has been a key strategic asset for Intergraph since its inception in 1987. Also referred to as Intergraph India Capability Center (ICC), the center recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Throughout the years, ICC has delivered substantial value to Intergraph’s PP&M and SG&I divisions by providing product development and quality assurance services as an extended R&D center. Through building product and domain expertise, the ICC has been valuable to other critical business functions, including product customization and configuration, product support, product documentation and product management.

Building on this success, ICC has expanded its support to other Hexagon divisions with diverse business activities. While this extended scope provided several opportunities for ICC’s growth, it has also posed several challenges in different facets, including acquiring diverse talent and providing pertinent infrastructure. A key focus for ICC has been delivering high-quality work product by actively engaging with these divisional project teams.

Over the past couple of years, ICC has successfully established an R&D center for NovAtel, comprised of hardware labs, an R&D team and metrology lab for Hexagon Metrology and actively collaborates with Leica Geosystems Machine Control, Mining and Agriculture divisions. The successful engagement and value delivery   has been possible through ICC’s committed teams, strong leadership across functions and, most importantly, a positive and energetic work culture. Today there are about 800 bright engineers in ICC, working as extended R&D teams to support the growing needs within Hexagon’s network of brands. ICC’s mission is: Quality, Capability, Capacity and Continuity (Q3C).

  • Delivering a Quality work-product by focusing on global, process-centric standards
  • Building Capability by acquiring superior and diverse talent
  • Building Capacity efficiently and maintaining our talented workforce for Continuity.

One of the key factors in the success of ICC is to operate in an Ownership/Competency model for all of our product developments. For example, ICC teams work alongside global R&D teams, while at the same time taking ownership of product modules by developing competency over those product modules. The knowledge management processes that are in place facilitate efficient collaboration and synergies among teams, thus successfully enabling the scaling of teams and capabilities.

Over the years, ICC has evolved to be a mosaic of diverse technical and functional teams that are bonded by strong foundation of our core values, and a culture that takes pride in developing products and solutions with engineering content. With these fundamental tenets, the people in ICC are actively uniting Hexagon’s R&D forces to shape change.

Uniting R&D initiatives to ensure quality and innovation – that’s shaping change.

Chiru Panuganty

Guest Blogger Profile:
Chiru Panuganty, Director, ICC

Chiru Panuganty has been with Intergraph for more than 20 years . He joined Intergraph in 1989, worked for Siemens Software for 3 years before joining back to Intergraph in 2000. At Intergraph Panuganty plays several roles that include leading development and QA projects and Technical marketing/sales.  Currently Panuganty leads the Intergraph India Capability Center (ICC).  He has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India and an MBA from University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA.


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