Transforming Africa’s Infrastructure with Hexagon Geospatial Technologies

As the 8th annual Africa Geospatial Forum came to a close  this month in Cape Town, South Africa, we left feeling inspired by unlimited possibilities of Africa leveraging innovative geospatial technologies for infrastructure development to transform its future. Hexagon was excited to be a part of this future as its brands Intergraph and Leica Geosystems attended the event and collaborated with local leaders and key industry stakeholders that filled the rooms of the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

The event kicked off with an inaugural session led by Hexagon Geosystems President Juergen Dold and local South African leaders and conference board members.  While all discussed the underlying theme of building Africa’s geospatial capacity and infrastructure, the challenges faced and advances made thus far, Dold added how data was the new natural resource that needed to be channeled for smarter decision making. He discussed the role of Hexagon’s geospatial solutions in shaping the future of Africa’s development by enabling industry and government to make such smarter decisions and overcome challenges.

Juergen at Africa GeospatialAfrica Geospatial Booth


Oliver Zimmermann, Intergraph, and Mathias Motz, Leica Geosystems, presented insightful workshops on products and solutions and how they apply in the geospatial information lifecycle. Zimmermann discussed the importance of dynamic geospatial content, and the ability to bring collection and application of

spatial information closer together. Motz brought to light the breadth of technology available in airborne data acquisition that has created more precise and evolved data for Africa’s infrastructure. Both did a great job of tying in the theme of the forum, which highlighted the impact GIS technologies have on the utilities sector, and how geospatial advancements have empowered utilities innovation.

African countries have an abundance of natural resources and agriculture to protect and manage. Geospatial and agricultural experts showcased the impact GIS technologies are playing in this field.  Decreasing risk, analysing statuses and mapping assets across huge areas have become more streamlined and accurate in Africa thanks to modern geospatial technology.Africa Geospatial booth 2

The convention centre was abuzz with attendees discussing Hexagon’s geospatial solutions at work in Africa. At this year’s HxGN LIVE conference, Leica Geosystems unveiled Nova, the only multistation to combine all facets of measuring into one device. Attendees seemed to enjoy the opportunity to see Nova’s capabilities in-person for the first time. Like Nova’s cross-functional capabilities, Intergraph’s GeoMedia is a truly comprehensive GIS solution. With Africa’s complex and varying geospatial needs, there was certainly a great response to these dynamic offerings. 

Transforming Africa’s infrastructure and landscape with comprehensive geospatial technology – that’s shaping change.

Laura DePeters
Online Marketing Programs Manager
Hexagon AB

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