The Beginning Of An Era: Hexagon Mining at HxGN LIVE

Room 107 at the MGM Grand may have been the only place busier than Starbucks at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. The early-morning keynote, titled ‘Life of Mine,’ assembled the leaders of Hexagon Mining – sometimes referred to by each other as The Amigos. The keynote attracted a full house, a sure sign of the mining industry’s expectations of Hexagon’s newest division – part of Hexagon Solutions.

Hexagon’s annual users’ show, HxGN LIVE, featured a busy mining track, packed with live TV panel discussions, targeted presentations, new technology previews, interactive demos and networking events. Taking centrestage under the synergy banner in The Zone – a tradeshow floor the size of three football fields – were Hexagon Mining’s brands: Devex, Leica Geosystems Mining, MineSight and SAFEmine.

It was Tuesday’s keynote, however, that marked the formal debut of The Amigos and the bold message from their boss.



At HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas this week is Hexagon Mining President, Guilherme Bastos, (centre) flanked by (from left) Leica Geosystems’ Haydn Roberts, Urs Rothacher of SAFEmine, Devex’s Rodrigo Marinho and MineSight’s John Davies.


“Hexagon has united the best companies in key areas of the mining industry,” Hexagon Mining President Guilherme Bastos told the audience. “We believe the industry needs a supplier with a 360-degree vision, connecting the best products, capabilities and solutions.

“It’s a great moment for us, and – we believe – for the mining industry.”

Bastos explained Hexagon Mining’s vision of a comprehensive mining solution – one partner for modelling, designing, planning and scheduling, surveying, operations, safety, process automation, collaborative control rooms and special mining solutions.

Adding detail to that vision were Devex’s Rodrigo Marinho, MineSight’s John Davies, Leica Geosystems Mining’s Haydn Roberts and Urs Rothacher of SAFEmine. The latter three joined Bastos in a live, moderated TV discussion later the same day.

Hexagon is the first company to assemble major mining technology layers into one vertical, providing a unified and focused solution for mining from pit to port. Hexagon Mining will also exploit Hexagon’s existing portfolio of measurement technologies already used at mines – survey and photogrammetry, for instance.

“I was familiar with aspects of Hexagon’s product portfolio, but I didn’t appreciate how advanced and strong, in terms of market penetration, some of the individual products were,” said Mining Journal Editor Richard Roberts. “The vision and will to bring these together – pretty quickly – is impressive!”

Appearing at Monday night’s opening Keynote address, Hexagon Solutions President Cláudio Simão described a vision of smart mining through connectivity, integration and automation. This also struck a chord with Roberts.

“Technology convergence and leverage are themes that clearly play well at a time when even investment bank analysts are talking about the vital role technology will play in the next phase of the mining industry’s productivity/efficiency push,” said Roberts.

One major mining client, who preferred to remain anonymous, appreciated the keynote message from Hexagon CEO and President Ola Rollén.

“I was impressed by his vision for simplicity, integration and convergence of systems, and the importance of information technology in concert with operational technology in the disruptive power of transformation.”

Ola Rollén reaffirmed that vision on Wednesday.

“I think that we need to connect planners, operators, executives and maintenance people in the operation of a mine,” said Rollén. “As you connect them and you bring them together and they all share the same information, that is when you see productivity happening.

“’Big data’ is one of these buzz words … I’d prefer to connect people, actually.”

Simplicity and connectivity at the heart of one of the world’s most complex industries– that’s shaping smart change.


Neville Judd 

MineSight Corporate Communications Coordinator          



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nevilleNeville Judd is MineSight’s Corporate Communications Coordinator. He was a newspaper journalist for 20 years before MineSight hired him in 2010 with a definitive brief: Make mining software sound sexy. MineSight’s mine modeling and mine planning products help clients run their mines more efficiently, productively and safely: who wouldn’t find that sexy?


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