The Upside of Digging Deeper

For anyone building something to endure against improbable odds, Las Vegas is a worthy source of inspiration. This year’s host city for HxGN LIVE is a testament to human resourcefulness in the face of considerable obstacles.

Mining today may seem as bleak as Nevada did to the early pioneers: scarcer high-grade ores, volatile commodity prices and tighter profit margins are just a few of the obstacles faced by the industry. Yet mines must continue to mine and somehow be safer and more productive doing it.

Therein lies the opportunity seized by Hexagon Mining. This time last year, Hexagon Mining made its debut here as a company in transition. It had yet to become the sum of its considerable parts. Under the Hexagon Mining umbrella, MineSight attended the conference with its formidable mine planning and mine modelling software platform. SAFEmine brought its world-leading Collision Avoidance System. Leica Geosystems Mining presented its powerful Jigsaw fleet management technology. And Devex completed the group with SmartMine UG, an exciting new underground solution consolidating mine management in 3D and real time.

This year, Hexagon Mining is unmistakably one company, with one leader in President Hélio Samora, backed by a formidable team that’s committed to one goal: a life-of-mine solution for the industry. HxM Blast for precision blasting and HxM Athena for business intelligence and business analytics were two new products unveiled to a steady stream of attendees during a demonstration in the Zone’s Synergy Track this week. Plans for HxM Live Terrain, due for release in 2016, were previewed in keynotes and presentations. On HxGN TV, Samora and his team participated in numerous discussions about the future of mining technology.

“Hexagon’s a very solid, powerful group,” said Cobre del Mayo Dispatch Manager Victor Rodriguez, who was sufficiently impressed by HxM Athena. To add to that, his mine is considering the product. “It’s an incredible organisation that’s inviting some key players and a lot can be learned from them.”

Ali Yaguas, FMS coordinator at Barrick Gold’s Pueblo Viejo mine in the Dominican Republic, praised Hexagon Mining’s operations technology.

“Compared side-by-side with other systems, we had good results with Jigsaw. From that real-time monitoring, you can standardise your mine, which will allow you to standardise repetitive tasks and your future KPIs. It’ll allow you to establish what it is you want to achieve in your mine.”

Creating the biggest buzz in the Synergy Track this week was LIVEmine, the name Hexagon Mining applies to the process of harnessing real-time technology to connect mine planning with mine operations and mine safety.

“Everyone involved in a mining operation needs to access actionable information, anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices for the life of the mine,” explained Hexagon Mining EVP of Technology and Innovation Glenn Wylde.

It’s a compelling vision that’s central to the company’s life-of-mine solution and the future of the industry–a future not so very far away.


Neville Judd-Hexagon MiningNeville Judd
Communications Director, Hexagon Mining


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