The Shape of Progress

Hexagon is in the progress business.

This was my answer when someone recently asked me, “What business are you in?” It’s a fair question, one I’m asked frequently.

I could easily point the person to our website, where they will learn this:

Hexagon is a leading global provider of information technologies that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

It’s an accurate response. It sounds big and important (it is) and succeeds in providing context at a high level, but it still leaves the inquisitor wanting more.

So I could go deeper. I could add, “Our big idea is shaping smart change.” I could go on for hours about how we do this, yet it still doesn’t adequately answer the original question clearly and concisely.

Or I could provide a long, detailed answer: We’re engaged in the manufacturing business. We’re engaged in the construction business. We’re engaged in surveying and public safety … I could cite many different industries and examples, but I don’t think any of those answers capture the heart of what business Hexagon is in, which brings me back to this:

We are in the progress business.

This is the way we see the world. We look at the people, businesses, projects and workflows of each and every Hexagon customer and ask, “What potential of this company or organization is still unmet today?”

We are a company that is an active leader in the big disruptive changes happening across the global business landscape, and they don’t come much bigger than the smart application of data, analytics, visualization, connectivity and automation to industries and organizations that span the globe.

Hexagon is both tasked and privileged to be doing business in a world that has never before seen such volatility – nor has it ever been confronted with so much latent opportunity to grow its potential.

We are comprised of an exceptional set of businesses around the world— each one feeding off a shared strength in information technologies and a shared commitment to empower our customers to achieve their full potential.

Together, we deploy a diverse suite of sensors, software and solutions that leverage enabling technologies and platforms – things like IoT, artificial intelligence, change detection and augmented reality – to drive productivity in industries where even the tiniest incremental efficiency can result in tremendous incremental gains.

We are leading a progress transformation that is already redefining our customers’ increased potential for growth, productivity, quality, safety and profitability.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.


Kristin Christensen
Chief Marketing Officer

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