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For decades, many organizations had no option but to purchase multiple geospatial products from different vendors to complete projects and workflows. No single product or suite of products was able to bring the power of GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry together from the desktop to the server. These independent products honed in on a single area of expertise, and then relied on third party add-ons to complete workflows. This forced users to open and close multiple applications, each with its own interface, proprietary formats, online help, and multiple license managers. If there was a problem, this would require reaching out to different support centers, working through conflicting maintenance contracts, and being hassled by numerous account managers to get the job done! Ultimately, this system of operation fostered broken workflows, late and incomplete projects, higher training costs, poor communication and different geospatial cultures; more money spent and frustrated employees. With segmented technology, many larger organizations created disconnected departments (focusing on only one genre or family of applications), creating organizational silos with conflicting agendas.

Hearing the frustration of our customers towards geospatial software options as a whole, we developed an alternative. We are one software company, with a united portfolio, that contains the power and the depth required to build geospatial solutions that drive smarter decisions. By uniting the disciplines of GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Intergraph SG&I has become the first and only company in the world to build and deliver one united, modern and dynamic geospatial portfolio. We have streamlined workflows across disciplines so that dynamic solutions can be built and we provide concerted training, support and common licensing from one organization.

Many of the key geospatial products used in the industry today where built in the 1990’s. Sadly, many of these powerful products have hidden or buried technology, lost behind an often ugly (and dated) interface. The archaic look and feel of many geospatial products reinforces the “niche” product stigma many still feel about this technology. This negative perception may be a factor that has historically limited the use of geospatial technology to only departmental or genre specialists.

Intergraph Geospatial 2013 provides a new and fresh approach, combining creative and intuitive interfaces, smarter workflows and automated technology. The updated interfaces reflect the same GUI design principles used every day, by billions of people. Additionally, we have reinforced our commitment to support the configuration of geospatial workflows through GeoMedia Smart Client. This inclusive product brings the utilization of powerful geospatial tools to all interested parties across an organization, not just a select few, by supporting workflows for industry solutions. Although the power of geospatial technology is recognized, it remains intimidating for many. Sadly, in many instances, it continues to be a niche capability, requiring large investments in training, outsourcing of services and work. Modernizing the geospatial experience with intuitive and inviting GUIs and workflows equips a new generation. These new users grasp the power of geography with the confidence to use it to help solve our world’s modern challenges.

Many individuals interested in the changing world struggle to find the tools needed to reflect geographic change. They know they ultimately want dynamic information, with maps that are fresh, accurate, portable, relevant and active. Looking at the offerings today, there are too many tools across too many products. This cluttered landscape does not offer a clear path to creating information on demand that anyone can access and use.

We have synthesized the core geospatial technologies (GIS + Remote Sensing + Photogrammetry) to offer one integrated dynamic modeling environment for creating spatial models. With connected workflows between the desktop and the server, we have the ability to deliver on-demand information from the desktop, through the server and to users working the web and mobile devices. Other solutions require the use of software from multiple vendors stitched together, requiring knowledge of several packages and strong programming skills. This limits an organization’s ability to model our world and also increases the costs needed to build systems. Our approach is to get the power of geography into the hands of people who need to make smarter decisions.

Geospatially powering smarter decisions across an organization with Intergraph Geospatial 2013 – now that’s shaping change.

Mladen Stojic
Vice President
Intergraph Geospatial
@Intergraph Geospatial

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