The Art of Information with the M.App of the Future

Our senses capture our experiences, shaping the elements of our environment through sights, sounds and distinct impressions. With all that is captured, we seek to provide clarity, structure and, ultimately, form so we may convey the information to others.

In the geospatial arena, the art of this form has traditionally been a map, largely two-dimensional, providing context for connections, and at times, attempting to illustrate an element of change. We can instantaneously look at the different light and dark patterns of square pixels and extrapolate an aircraft, car or shed.

We are so skilled at identifying patterns that we have invented different ways of looking at data to make those patterns more obvious. Pie charts, bar graphs, tables, matrices, histograms—all these convey meaning through different visualisation principles.

We need to creatively question the standard approach to displaying and interpreting information. This means taking a step back and allowing ourselves to process information from a fresh perspective.

I believe at times less apparent patterns exist, which helps us model the world better. Changing the lens can completely change the meaning that emerges from the data.

The M.App of the future may not be a map at all, but rather an app that creatively conveys the location-based information you need. As Hexagon Geospatial, we want to give you the flexibility to visualise your experience in different ways.

At HxGN LIVE in Hong Kong, we will launch a new form for envisioning, experiencing and communicating geographic information. The Hexagon Smart M.App is a dynamic experience, enabling you to design, develop and deliver online information services through the fusion of fresh content sources, 360° analytics, targeted workflows and meaningful visualisations. Join us as we celebrate the launch of the Hexagon Smart M.App, introduce game-changing applications from partners and extend a special invitation to create, innovate and experience the M.App of the future.

Providing a new perspective on the way we capture the world – that’s shaping smart change.

Mladen Stojic
President of Hexagon Geospatial


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