The All-Seeing Eye

The Eye of Providence, also known as the all-seeing eye, is a symbol representing an eye, often surrounded by rays of light and usually enclosed by a triangle. The next logical question is what does that have to do with HxGN LIVE?

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is showing a prototype of a system, known as the Skywalker Project, which uses cameras and projectors mounted on a CMM. Skywalker is like an all-seeing eye for a CMM. Cameras perform several duties on the system itself.

During a showing at HxGN LIVE Las Vegas, Skywalker 1.0 performed very simple tasks: it tracked a part and a fixture, found where it was positioned, measured it using PC-DMIS and displayed results directly on a part using built-in projectors- not real results.

For Skywalker 2.0, which will be demonstrated in the tech zone at HxGN LIVE Hong Kong, we decided to concentrate on tracking and expanding its capabilities. We’ll be exhibiting four fixtures with four different parts. You’ll be able to place four fixtures anywhere you want (well, almost anywhere you want) and place the part on a fixture. Then the Skywalker system will be able to find all fixtures, tell you whether they are there, tell you whether there is a part on it, and then execute programs automatically using PC-DMIS. All this is done with a single click, or touch, on the custom Skywalker interface, which consists of a single button. Finally, we will show a small subset of projection, which we will work on enhancing for Skywalker 3.0 to be shown at HxGN LIVE Anaheim.

Why are we working on this technology? Mainly, because the potential for camera integration on our CMM frames IS to become the all-seeing eye. We are working on revolutionizing how humans interact with machines and making CMMs more intelligent. Presently, all they do is execute what they are told without intelligently providing feedback about operation or simplifying tasks.

The key to the future is to make fixed metrology systems an augmented extension of ourselves. In other words, we coined a term that Skywalker will be part of, Augmented Metrology. Skywalker is the first of many projects that will enable us to make interaction with CMMs feel more natural; it’s a system that will observe, suggest and improve the operation.

This is ultimately what the all-seeing eye is all about.

This post is part of the Thought Leader program at HxGN LIVE. Find out how you can get involved at our next event in Anaheim here.

Milan Kocic, Business Development Manager for User Experience (UX) and Innovation, has enjoyed two stints with Hexagon Metrology. His initial employment started with Automation Software as a tech engineer for PC-DMIS in 1995. He moved on to Aftermarket Sales a few years after and after a short employment at another company came back to Hexagon in 2011 as a product manager, where he oversaw software and sensor product lines and worked with various product lines to consolidate the offering, improve processes and push the ideas of user experience as a differentiator. This new emphasis on user experience has led Milan to his current role. He is engaged with engineering and R&D, globally, to develop offerings that innovate in the Man Machine Interface domain and also improve the overall user experience. You might have seen illumination and messaging lights on SF machines, MMS Pulse and a new jogbox, NJB. All of these have resulted from his UX efforts.


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