Striving For Real-Time Information to Feed the World

Hexagon Agriculture recently traveled to Hanover, Germany, to showcase its industry-leading solutions at AGRITECHNICA, the world’s major exhibition for innovations in agricultural technology and the latest concepts for the future of plant production.  While at the show, I sat down with Hexagon Agriculture President Bernardo de Castro and Vice President of global business development Doug Schmuland. We discussed how the company has set out to be a leading information technology player in the agroindustry with the vision to shape farming into a sustainable and intelligent ecosystem based on processes and actionable intelligence.

New concepts are needed. By the time you read this blog post, the world population will have grown by 217 people, getting closer to the 9 billion by 2040 estimation. This growth combined with increasing prosperity around the world requires doubling the world’s food production by 2050. Meeting such a huge challenge requires a several measures. Farmers strive for more with less on existing farm land, so it is important to know all attributes of the field – soil, water, nutrients and its overall potential. Based on positioning, sensors and software, decisions made by farmers will need support provided by the innovative use of actionable data. This is where Hexagon Agriculture enters the game as a major player.

The agroindustry is witnessing the trend of embedding sensors and hardware into agricultural machinery at the factory. The precision agriculture area of the market is becoming mature. As a result, Hexagon Agriculture is moving its hardware portfolio towards an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product mix with the goal of becoming the OEM supplier. While Hexagon Agriculture products can stand alone, they are particularly well suited for the OEM space. At AGRITECHNICA, Hexagon Agriculture presented its uniquely designed and functional screens and launched a new auto-steering system. It provides a compact and robust solution for automatic-electric steering, ensuring greater accuracy for trajectories. The system’s excellent performance and small size are examples of delivering what customers in the OEM space are seeking.

Once the market reaches the stage where all manufacturers equip farming machinery with sensors and automation devices in the factories, the next big step is data – extracting, analysing and extrapolating. Farmers will need tools to extract value from the data gathered to help them make the best decisions for the most efficient production. As a consequence, the market will tend more and more to data processing and software. It will be very important to ensure that information from systems in all areas of agriculture is combined, breaking down silos of information. Hexagon Agriculture is uniquely positioned to address this challenge.

On one hand, its own portfolio supports planning, optimisation and geo-referenced data management workflows for precision agriculture, fleet management and crop-specific life cycle solutions. On the other hand, Hexagon Agriculture is backed by the strength of Hexagon’s global presence and complementary technologies from other Hexagon businesses such as Hexagon Geospatial, Leica Geosystems and NovAtel. Hexagon has a leading competency in the area of information technologies. This expertise will be ported into the agriculture space to enable change supported by data, connectivity and relevance. Technology information expertise will allow Hexagon Agriculture to approach the ultimate goal of real-time decision making needed to support significantly enhanced agricultural production.

Narrowing the gap to real time information in agricultural processes to help feed the world – that is shaping smart change.


Isabel Figge
Marketing Manager, Hexagon

Isabel Figge is Marketing Manager at Hexagon, responsible for driving marketing initiatives for the Ventures and Agriculture businesses. Isabel has gained extensive marketing experience in various B2B technology companies. Prior to joining Hexagon she was global marketing program manager at Intergraph PP&M, also one of Hexagon’s businesses.

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