The Smart H2O Solution at ANCOLD

After 150 years of dam building, Australians are wondering if dams cause more problems than they solve. Hexagon cannot, nor do we want to, influence the decision to build dams. We’re not here to debate the associated pros and cons. What we do want to do, however, is ensure that if and when a new dam is built, the engineering/construction firms can build it with the highest safety standards and integrity while saving major costs through improved design processes, real-time construction visualisation and monitoring, and effective provision of accurate, as-built operations and maintenance manuals to the future owners/operators. We also want to help ensure that the owners/operators of the many older dams can yield the highest output capacity of the dam while ensuring the safety of downstream communities through the use of fault early warning systems and effective emergency planning and response procedures.

The Smart H2O solution will make a third appearance at the ANCOLD Conference, held this year in Canberra, Australia. Hexagon Solutions will exhibit at the event and provide attendees a tangible and comprehensive view of the solution in a dynamic and powerful way. It’s something you do not want to miss!

The Smart H2O solution is a comprehensive, integrated water infrastructure management system that helps solve a potential deadly problem before it actually becomes one. Smart H2O combines Leica Geosystems’ total station and sensors and Intergraph’s monitoring, geospatial and dispatch solutions to provide a complete picture of critical water infrastructure. Together, they reduce the risk of infrastructure failure by keeping it protected and healthy and safeguarding it against disaster through the use of real-time monitoring, early warning systems and emergency operations plans. Technologies exhibited at the show include the Smart H2O Dashboard and Smart H2O Mobile. Smart H2O Dashboard gives customers fully integrated monitoring and operations functional­ity. Smart H2O Mobile is ideal for dam inspectors, assisting the execu­tion of planned and emergency maintenance needed for all assets and equipment at dam sites. If you are a dam owner or operator involved in construction or rehabilitation of dams or providing complimentary technology solutions to dams, I encourage you to test drive the Smart H2O solution or talk to us to learn more. This decision will help you secure your critical infrastructure and enhance performance with the goal of protecting the environment and ultimately saving lives.

Working to streamline design, construction, operations and maintenance of dams while ensuring safety of workers and downstream communities – that’s shaping smart change.


Justin Schmidt
Executive Manager
Hexagon Solutions

Guest Blogger Profile:

Justin SchmidtJustin Schmidt has more than 15 years of experience in IT solutions across several industries.  Based in California, USA, Schmidt is an Executive Manager for Hexagon Solutions, heading innovation and development of new technology solutions for strategic industries and global sales and marketing for these new solutions.  Prior to his present role, Schmidt was General Manager of Intergraph Greater China. During his 12-year tenure at Intergraph, Schmidt held several positions including Senior Engineer and Regional Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific, as well as Global Business Development Manager and Sales Manager.  Schmidt brings vast technical knowhow, innovative thinking and creative partnering strategies to his current role and is excited to be shaping the future of the world through the power of Hexagon.

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