Smart Gas Solutions

Natural gas is an environmentally friendly and highly efficient clean energy resource; and it is also a non-renewable source of energy. We cannot go without natural gas in our life, and every day we consume it in a rapid and continuous manner. How to ensure its supply, reduce its loss and improve its utilization efficiency are significant issues that have bearing on people’s livelihood and national economy.

Based on decades of experience in serving the global gas industry, Hexagon has forged complete solutions of Smart Gas, which cover a complete chain of the national gas industry, including all the links of prospection, mining, storage, transmission, distribution and final consumption of national gas. Based on its highly-open product line architecture, Hexagon has set up the whole set of IT systems for production and management, and enhanced the modes of operation and management. These include:

  • System for collection, processing, management and display of spatial data
  • Full-life cycle management system for infrastructure of transmission pipeline networks
  • Real-time data monitoring system for natural gas transmission and operation
  • Production management system oriented to national gas transmission business
  • Transmission pipeline inspection and on-site automation system
  • Emergency response system
  • Safety protection system for important infrastructure

Through such processing systems, Hexagon’s Smart Gas solutions can induce, perceive, integrate and process all kinds of information from equipment, networks and operations, all in real time. This includes the intelligent collection and processing of data, spatial management of transmission pipeline networks, rapid response to natural disasters and man-made accidents, and the restoration of suspended gas supply, thus providing an efficient processing system and intelligent and organized information.

Hexagon’s Smart Gas has been successfully used for various kinds of customers to satisfy their different market demands. By using Hexagon’s solutions, Gaz Metro, a Canadian national natural gas distribution company, has realized the need for renovation and upgrading of all its old data systems, and fulfilled the switch of its data to the new data platform of Hexagon.

Additionally, by using Hexagon’s solutions in the design, building and construction of a North African oil & gas pipeline network, Switzerland-based Power and Automation Technology Company, ABB, has utilized real-time control and management in the building of this pipeline network.

In data building and IT-based management, Hexagon’s Smart Gas solutions have demonstrated powerful openness, non-loss of data and unparalleled technical strengths; and what’s more, Hexagon can customize solutions for customers and provide them with tailored solutions based on their current problems. Also, Hexagon’s products have been successfully used in all of China’s gas corporations and related business enterprises. The gas information management system has built can realize the data collection, monitoring and life cycle management of the pipeline network; the monitoring of all stations, terminals and gas filling stations; the real-time collection and management of all data, including those on stations, pipeline networks and terminal users; and the monitoring and budgeting of the whole pipeline network operation and the processing of emergency response to accidents.

Hexagon, through Smart Gas, has established a smart platform for energy management and operation, which has recognized our need for energy protection, utilization and development. Additionally, it has introduced a smarter way of thinking for enterprises, and enlightened us to consider the protection and utilization of energy, and the role of data information management. Lastly, it has showed us how to fuse advanced technologies into our traditional industries, to protect our property and resources, and bring us greater security and more reliability.

Producing and managing today’s resources for a smarter tomorrow  that’s shaping change.

Li Hongquan
Vice President
Hexagon China

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