Shaping Change at Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon Metrology has decided to align its corporate design more closely with Hexagon. The rebranding goes along with the launch of a new logo, new corporate colours, new fonts; put simply: everything which makes up the company’s face to the outside and the inside.

Anne Willimann, Director Global Marketing Communications, Hexagon Metrology,  interviews Norbert Hanke, President Hexagon Metrology, in his office in London to find out more about the company’s new visual identity and the strategy behind it.

Norbert, what are the reasons for rebranding Hexagon Metrology?

For the last 10 years, Hexagon Metrology has been continuously shaping change by acquiring a number of brands, companies and know-how that have been integrated successfully into the business. During this phase Hexagon Metrology transitioned from being the “company” to the main brand that our audiences relate to – be it customers, suppliers, partners or employees. The updated strategy takes this point into account and positions Hexagon Metrology as the primary go-to-market brand.

What is the main objective of the new brand strategy?

We are now able to provide an image which truly reflects what Hexagon Metrology is; a contemporary and dynamic high-tech company deeply rooted in innovation. Our new identity is an affirmation of our continued commitment to help customers reinvent today, outpace change and solve for tomorrow. With the rebranding we also showcase the unity and shared commitment to our parent company, Hexagon.

If you would put Hexagon Metrology in a nutshell, what would be in there?

Boiled down to its pure essence, it would be services, sensors, software, solutions and sectors. I also refer to it as the Hexagon Metrology DNA. We have more than 70 Precision Centers around the world for service and support, a vast array of sensor technologies and different software packages to manage measurement data. All in all we offer complete solutions dedicated to certain sectors, for example the automotive and the aerospace industry.

After being with the company for many years, working in different locations, different positions and with people from all over the globe: What does Hexagon Metrology mean to you personally?

I get excited about challenges in my day-to-day life and truly enjoy the intercultural and dynamic working environment. It is great to work with other cultures and histories, globally and regionally and with people that are dedicated to our mission and live our Hexagon core values daily.


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