Santos: Shaping Change in Facilities with SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators

If you are involved in maintaining or operating large industrial facilities, you know how critical engineering information change management is to safe, compliant and efficient operations.

Today, Intergraph is helping facility owners and operators to better manage change of engineering information in large industrial facilities.

The growing size and complexity of industrial facilities combined with constantly increasing pressure from regulatory authorities make managing change a daunting task.   In response, owner/operators need to not only increase the quality and completeness of engineering information, but also make it readily accessible to all facility personnel.

But large industrial facilities are undergoing change continuously. Changes include day-to-day modifications and repairs, revamps, turnarounds and expansions.  Multiple change requests for the same equipment may be under consideration at the same time, which may contain conflicts or synergies. Reviewers and approvers need access to trustworthy engineering information to conduct proper impact analysis.  And, of course, all changes have to be scrutinized in light of budgetary constraints, operational standards and regulatory requirements.  So the challenges associated with keeping the related engineering information up-to-date and easily accessible are significant.

Doing this in a commercially viable manner requires Owner Operators to evolve from a document- centric approach towards an information management model that focuses on the engineering content itself, related work processes and associated changes. Doing so ensures consistent evaluation and approval of all changes according to the company’s approved process, and provides auditable traceability of all changes throughout the facility life cycle.

Santos has been an energy pioneer since 1954 and is one of Australia’s leading gas producers, supplying Australian and Asian customers. Santos has been providing natural gas from the remote outback for more than 40 years, and today is one of the largest producers of natural gas for the Australian domestic market.

Santos is now using Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) to automate and enhance its change management process. Switching to this electronic vs. paper-based system the resulting benefits were huge, namely:

  • Data accuracy, security and availability.
  • Cycle time, especially for remote locations.
  • Visibility of progress through the system.
  • System reminders for overdue items, expiration of temporary approvals, etc.
  • Process improvements.
  • Auditable traceability.

Intergraph remains committed to empowering mission-critical industries with the actionable information necessary to maintain leadership in terms of health, safety and commercial competitiveness.

Enabling consistent and company-wide business practices that support the safe and efficient operations of large industrial assets – that’s shaping change.


Mirko Stock
Senior Vice President, Solutions & Strategic Alliances
Global Business Development, Process, Power & Marine
Intergraph Corporation

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