Real-Time Monitoring and Visualisation of Water Infrastructure Using Hexagon Technologies

Building and maintaining adequate infrastructure are two of our world’s most pressing challenges. Communications, energy, transportation and water management systems are crucial to maintaining our way of life, and they all heavily depend upon reliable and safe infrastructure.

As with any infrastructure, water systems present huge risks. Regardless of cause – natural or man-made – a single threat can result in significant destruction.  When a dam crumbles, a reservoir floods or a levee is breached, the results can be devastating, including loss of life, massive property damage or long-term environmental consequences.

With engineering and geospatial technologies from Hexagon’s global brand network, Hexagon Solutions is helping discover better ways to monitor, maintain and secure our water resources to improve the safety and reliability of the infrastructure and systems that manage our world’s water supply. By leveraging the power of Hexagon’s design, measurement and visualisation technologies, it is possible to detect changes in infrastructure and communicate that information quickly to engineers, allowing them to rectify problems before they lead to catastrophic disaster and the loss of life and property.

Technologies including high-definition laser scanners and lightweight programmable UAVs carrying specialised cameras capture billions of millimetre-accuracy point clouds, aerial imagery and video and convert these to very detailed 3D models of the infrastructure and the surrounding geography. This allows visualising the infrastructure and associated equipment such as pumps, valves, turbines, electrical cabling and instrumentation and their related documentation from any desktop or mobile device by simply clicking on the equipment within the easy-navigation software. We ensure that the most accurate digital information about the assist gets to the right people at the right time, which is important for day-to-day operations, but critical during emergency situations.

The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) is a non-governmental international organisation that  provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering to help discover better ways to control and secure our water resources. ICOLD will hold its annual meeting 1-6 June in Bali, Indonesia, where Hexagon Solutions will demonstrate how we bring together various technologies in standard operating environments, allowing engineers and managers to monitor and assess dam infrastructure in near real time using 3D models, GIS models and statistical charting all from within the Smart H2O solution.

Addressing large challenges for large dams – that’s shaping smart change.  


Rodney Gill
Projects Director
Hexagon Solutions

Guest Blogger Profile:

Rodney GillRodney has 23 years of IT experience, and has worked within the Hexagon brand network for nearly 10 years. He is responsible for the project management of Hexagon H2O project implementations globally, utilising the PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology.

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