Product announcements at the MGM Grand and networking opportunities

HxGN LIVE has been an inclusive event that caters to new and returning attendees. Announcements in the  Geosystems keynote, which was given by Juergen Dold, presented new developments. This included the launch of the Leica NOVA MS50 MultiStation – a revolutionary device that fuses Total Positioning Station (TPS) and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) technologies into one system. The Leica P20 – another highlight from the Leica Geosystems keynote – was seen to take time of flight laser scanning into new territories as well. By the end of the presentation, there was no doubt that both the MS50 and Leica P20 were two things in Las Vegas that anyone could place a firm bet on. One with great odds!

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Overall the MGM Grand Las Vegas is a great location to stage the conference. The once Wizard of Oz-themed themed venue continues to be an exciting backdrop of exciting times for Hexagon. A lot of consideration had been given to making the people in attendance feel welcomed.

Encouraging Social Networks

HxGN LIVE also has been a useful event for social and business networking. The users that shape the technologies on display are genuinely valued and accommodated. Whether it is a conversation over breakfast or a meeting in a designated networking area, the conference has provided numerous opportunities to meet new people in industry. The idea that Hexagon users should feel they are part of a family has been well presented. This includes plenty of discussions about emerging technologies with a beer in your hand!


Adam Spring
Industry Analyst
PV Publications


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Adam Spring, PV Publications, Industry Analyst


Adam P. Spring has been working with 3D imaging technologies since the mid 2000s. His main interests involve 3D information capture, visualisation and the documentation of cultural heritage sites.


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