New River Kinematics and Hexagon: A Win-Win for Everyone

New River Kinematics (NRK) was acquired by Hexagon in January 2013. From the perspective of an NRK employee, not much has changed with NRK since the transfer of ownership. The transition was a smooth process and for the most part, NRK operates the same way today as it did before.

Based in Williamsburg, Virginia and best known for its flagship software, SpatialAnalyzer (SA), NRK is an engineering company that develops and supports high-quality portable metrology software. Our software provides comprehensive engineering solutions and helps make manufacturing processes more accurate, efficient, cost-effective and ultimately more productive. NRK’s software solutions can be found in manufacturing settings around the world in a variety of industries including aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, energy and satellite. Since the beginning, SA has been an instrument-independent software package, meaning that it interfaces with all portable metrology hardware. Today, NRK is still committed to maintaining SA’s instrument-independence and continues to support all hardware manufacturers in order to best serve customers.

One element that has made the transition process a smooth one is the fact that Hexagon and NRK share similar goals and values. Customer-focused, innovative, entrepreneurial, professional, engaged, and profit-driven are all hallmarks of NRK culture, so transitioning into the Hexagon family from a cultural perspective was effortless.  Further, the ability to continue to operate as we have in the past and still function independently has allowed us to conduct “business as usual.” This freedom to continue to do what we do best has been greatly reassuring and allows us meet customer needs as we always have.

Becoming a part of Hexagon’s Global Network and aiding in the Hexagon mission is an exciting step for everyone at NRK. Hexagon’s resources and network can only help us better reach and serve customers, so we are eager to see in what new markets and applications we can expand. We look forward to finding additional synergies that can help both NRK and Hexagon deliver quality solutions to customers around the world.

A transition that proves to be a win-win for all parties involved— that’s shaping change.


Rick Cole
VP of International Business Development
New River Kinematics


Guest Blogger Profile:
Rick Cole
VP of International Business Development, New River Kinematics

Rick Cole is VP of International Business Development at New River Kinematics. He has been working with SpatialAnalyzer since 1996 and for New River Kinematics since 2002.

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