Networking at Hexagon 2012

The highlight of the Hexagon 2012 conference, for me, is the networking. I have learned a lot from the sessions, but the connections with other people is what makes this conference worthwhile. I have met people I have talked to over the phone a number of times. I have been able to connect with individuals who have connections who can get things done more efficiently than just talking with someone over the phone or sending an email. I have been able to talk to others who use the ROMER arms and PC-DMIS software and are able to share hands-on experiences and lessons learned. I have had enjoyable discussions with people from all parts of the globe. It may not all be about Hexagon, but it is still fun getting to know other people from places I have never been, and it does not look like I will be going there. What I see on the news comes to life when I am able to talk to someone who has actually lived it. Once again, networking is what has made the Hexagon conferences that I have gone to worthwhile.

About the Author

Eddy Sander, Quality Engineer, Tenneco, Inc


Eddy Sander has worked at Tenneco, Inc for 35 years as an operator, a Master Planner, EHS Coordinator, Quality Auditor, and Quality Engineer with a QE Certification from ASQ. He is QE responsible for the Ultra Sonic tester and the Hexagon Romer Arms.  Sander is also responsible for CMM operators and programmers and the training of the operators and programmer and has set up the Management Systems and trained Internal Auditors. Sander has a Bachelor of Science in education with an emphasis in Math and Special Education and a Bachelor of Arts in business with an emphasis in Organizational Management. Sander and his wife have six children.  Four are married and we just found out that number seven’s grandchild is on the way.

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