Making the World’s Critical Infrastructure Safer and More Reliable

Today I want to talk about how Hexagon is shaping change for companies that own or operate large plants and even more importantly, how Hexagon is shaping change for the PEOPLE who work in these plants.

The people aspect is very important to point out as most are intuitively afraid of change and as a result often resist it. And corporate business process improvement initiatives don’t usually account for this. Sure, they focus on how to optimize processes, how to save costs or how to produce faster and with better quality. But the workforce is too often left with new uncertainties and day-to-day challenges resulting from the very same programs.

When it comes to changing and improving processes and procedures in an operating plant it is absolutely imperative that the plant staff is fully supportive. This is one of the reasons Hexagon is so proud of a new offering designed specifically for workers on the plant floor – Leica TruView Integrator for SmartPlant® Enterprise.

The solution was collaboratively developed by Intergraph Process Power & Marine and Leica Geosystems to tackle the challenges associated with operating and maintaining industrial plants – more safely and more efficiently than ever before. It allows plant floor staff to intuitively access AND action the most relevant and critical engineering information in the context of their very specific and often dangerous day-to-day activities.

On the one hand we’re helping the companies that own and/or operate these large plants to improve and optimize their existing procedures and work processes one step at a time. But even more importantly, we’re helping people on the plant floor do their jobs better – immediately – and without introducing significant change to their current work practices.

Our highly intuitive solution allows plant staff to focus their energy and knowledge on their core business – which is to operate and maintain their plant in a safe and reliable state; instead of wasting time with searching and validating critical engineering information.

Large industrial plants are key assets upon which many mission critical industries heavily rely; oil & gas, power generation, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and life sciences all depend upon very large and very complex plants. But great responsibility comes with great risk, which is why avoiding plant accidents and unplanned outages is of utmost importance.

Avoiding plant accidents means avoiding fatalities and injuries, inside and outside the plant. This means protecting the surrounding population and avoiding environmental disasters that could easily trigger irreversible consequences, sometimes with global impact.

Avoiding unplanned outages means ensuring sufficient supply of energy, raw materials, food and medicine to global populations that are more and more relying upon just-in-time delivery.

As our rapidly growing population and global economy become more and more cross-linked, Hexagon remains committed to empowering these mission critical industries with the actionable information necessary to compete – working together to make some of the world’s most critical infrastructure safer and more reliable – now that’s shaping change.


Mirko Stock
Vice President, Global Business Development
Intergraph Process, Power and Marine (PP&M)

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