Making Cities Smarter

As one of the great, eye-catching events in the global geographical information industry, Hexagon 2012 was held in Las Vegas, USA last month. At the conference, Hexagon showcased its unparalleled synergies and strengths before the whole world. We demonstrated our brand alignment, software integration, hardware and technologies, which were once independent offerings. In our fields, we are the pacemaker; and in our customers’ fields, we help them to excel and continuously stay ahead. Following the success of the Hexagon 2012 conference, we are excited about what we can bring to you next through Hexagon’s new business model, which includes synergies across brands and a new focus on China.

As an emerging market, China has been keeping ahead in economic growth worldwide. But, with the constant development and acceleration of our urbanized economy, sustainable development has become one of the major issues of today. Additionally, urban construction and regulation of urban functions have become top priorities around the world. Hexagon has the ability to provide customers with measurement technologies for product manufacturing, surveying technologies for road construction and single solutions for infrastructure planning, factory building and energy utilization. Together, we can also provide integrated solutions to all facets of urban construction in every industry, including transportation, security protection, water conservancy and electric power, to make cities smarter.

Smart City is best defined in terms of the improvements in quality of life and economic well-being that are achieved through technology. Specifically, Smart City is the idea of utilizing information collected and processed by social intelligence in smart construction and in other areas of city development such as security, traffic, infrastructure management, energy and emergency response.

At Hexagon, our Smart City solutions have been used for a number of major global events and in important urban construction projects. They have also been used for security protection for events such as United States President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony, the London 2012 Summer Olympics, New Zealand’s three-in-one net system and New York/Washington fire control and security protection systems. Our Smart City partners range from system integration suppliers such as Siemens, IBM and Microsoft to technical data specialists such as Google and Cisco, as well as numerous software and hardware service suppliers. These partners, couple with Hexagon’s integrated technologies, have enabled us to develop a top-to-bottom industrial chain that has forged the platform for the Smart City (see diagram below). This is important for countries such as China that are experiencing rapid urban growth.

Based on Hexagon’s decades of experience, we can also deliver better services to the Chinese market and our Chinese users, as well as provide them with more secure protection. With Hexagon’s resources, we are focusing on complying with the characteristics of the Chinese market and the features of Chinese urban construction to develop localized, customized and specialized solutions. This focus is in line with Hexagon’s Chinese development strategy to provide integrated solutions across brands and to expand our solutions for the future. We believe this will provide us with more secure protection, convenient transportation, beneficial information technology, rapid emergency response and more interconnected communication channels. Moving forward, Hexagon will continue to assist municipal governments and offer urban development advice to further the development of the Smart City.

Building smarter cities to improve quality of life and economic well-being through technology – that’s shaping change.


Li Hongquan
Vice President


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