A Look At Hexagon from Ola Rollén’s Perspective

Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén recently was featured in an interview with one of Sweden’s leading business weeklies, Affärsvärlden. Describing the development of the Hexagon global brand network since Rollén became CEO in 2000, the interview highlighted the fact that Hexagon shares have appreciated on average by 25 per cent per annum during his 14-year tenure, during which Hexagon gradually became focused on the measurement technologies business.

Other topics in the interview included Hexagon’s annual international conference HxGN LIVE, the Smart Agriculture solution and economic forecasting for the Chinese market.

Of particular interest to the publication was Hexagon’s technology portfolio. Rollén shared with Affärsvärlden Hexagon’s response to new manufacturing trends such as 3D printing, the emergence of autonomous vehicles and the growing interest in solutions for indoor positioning. Rollén predicted human-driven cars will be a rare sight in 30 years, given the amount of accidents caused by human error.

“When that happens, all cars will have surveillance systems based on our technologies,” he said.

During the interview, Rollén also spoke about his recent move to Hong Kong and why he encourages more business leaders to take the same measures. With 30 per cent of the company’s employees and 15 per cent of sales based there, Hexagon has become firmly rooted in China.

“More CEOs should move to China,” he said. “You only get one opportunity to establish yourself as a company in this economy, and the window of opportunity is now in many industries. In 10 years, China’s economy will be 20 to 30 per cent larger than the USA’s, and then we will see Chinese companies competing globally in a new way. If you want to keep your position as a world leader, you must have a strategy as to how to grow in China.”

Describing his management style as “very operational” in instances where Hexagon makes larger acquisitions, Rollén makes it a practice to temporarily come on as CEO of the acquired company so he can learn the business to fully understand its integration into the Hexagon brand network.

Last, the spotlight shown on Hexagon Solutions’ Smart Agriculture, a comprehensive software solution that can analyse data obtained in the fields to help decide the best use of land, water, fertilisers, pesticides, seeds and other farming resources to minimise risk and optimise production. In terms of technology, this is a huge leap that presents substantial improvements for farmers. Resources used will decreased by 30 per cent, while the output from the field will increase by 30 per cent.

It is always refreshing to hear from industry leaders, especially those from our own Hexagon network, and we look forward to other publications providing us opportunities to present content that is not only insightful, but also compelling.

Being recognised for our contributions and having great influence within our industry – that’s shaping smart change.


Carl Gustafsson
Investor Relations Manager

Guest Blogger Profile:

Carl Gustafsson is Hexagon’s Investor Relations Manager, responsible for communication with financial stakeholders. Prior to joining Hexagon, Carl worked as an equity analyst at Danske Bank. He holds a Msc  from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

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