It’s All About Data

HxGN LIVE Hong Kong is my eighth Hexagon conference in a row- if I also count the Leica HDS user conferences. Technology has changed quite a bit since the early days, but the excitement about discovering new business ideas is still strong each time I board a plane for the next conference.

And I can tell you, every time I fly back from HxGN LIVE, my head is full of new ideas about approaching new markets, incorporating Leica gear into new tasks, and of course, introducing innovations in my company. Plus, it’s always a pleasure to meet friends and colleagues at this event.
When I think back five years, everybody was focusing on newer and faster sensors. Speed of data acquisition was the key measure. More pixels, more colors, more completeness.

That really changed dramatically when mobile sensors appeared on the scene. Today, it’s easy to acquire millions of points in seconds, to take a Pegasus or other kinematic devices and scan subway stations, tunnels and cities in hours, if not minutes. The technology is now ready and proven to be a standard tool in a surveyor’s toolbox.
But what about the data? As a surveyor, I always try to stay around the top of the chain in any project, so it gets more and more important to transform our business model towards becoming a value-added provider of all types of data.
The most significant transition in our industry can be observed in the way data is being distributed. Leica TruView is a comparably small tool, but it has been our best-selling product for many years now. With great flexibility, it’s easy to handle and gives our customers an idea of what else can be done with the collected scan data.
So I was very happy to be among the first users of TruView Global, which increases our potential customer base significantly by being available on any browser without the need to install plugins.
And just try to imagine the fantastic possibilities that will arise by integrating JetStream in our daily workflow. No need to copy large datasets from hidden locations just to extract a few bits of information.

From my perspective, access to data is key and now we’re able to provide it to anybody. And that’s the point!

This post is part of the Thought Leader program at HxGN LIVE. Find out how you can get involved at our next event in Anaheim here.


About Christian Hesse:

1995-2000 Study of geodesy and geoinformatics at Hannover University

2000-2006 Research assistant at Hannover University

2006-2008 Internship at Federal surveying authority

2007 PhD engineering

2008 Licensed Surveyor

2008 – now CEO of Hesse Vermessungsbuero

2009 – now CEO of dhpi engineers

2010 – now Co-Founder of p3d systems

2010 – now Lecturer at Hamburg University (HCU) for Integrated (Inertial) Navigation

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