Introducing Hexagon Geospatial

The true value of being part of the Hexagon family is the ability to provide a full life cycle of geospatial solutions for our global base of users.

From airborne sensors all the way down to enterprise-connected field workers, Hexagon is the only one-stop provider for all geospatial needs for any organization across vertical industries.

This concept was further reinforced when Intergraph Geospatial became Hexagon Geospatial, a new business unit in the Hexagon family. As Hexagon Geospatial, our products will be the core geospatial technology stack within Intergraph’s vertical market solutions, while also serving as the geospatial software platform across our global partner network and other Hexagon companies.

All over the world and across all walks of life, our senses continually collect information about the changing earth and its social, physical and human geography.  This sensory information is processed by our perception in ways that allow us to decide and act. This happens without us even knowing it. Our perception identifies, organizes and interprets the information our senses collect.  This is precisely what our vision and goal is:  To help organizations geospatially process, see and act upon information about our changing world for smarter decision making. Our portfolio helps organizations holistically understand change and use this information for mission and business-critical decisions.

HxGN News Podcast
Listen to the HxGN News podcast interview with Mladen Stojic to learn more about Intergraph Geospatial’s 2014 portfolio.

Globally, a wide variety of organizations rely on our products daily including local, state and national mapping agencies, transportation departments, engineering and utility companies and businesses serving agriculture and natural resource needs. The recent launch of our 2014 portfolio synchronizes all our technologies across our desktop, server and mobile product lines. With creative and intuitive interfaces, smarter workflows and automated technologies, Intergraph Geospatial 2014 enables you to transform multi-source content into dynamic and actionable information.

As end users demand better mobile, big data and cloud-based solutions, we will continue developing user-driven geospatial solutions that are easy and intuitive.  Whether for utilities, state and local governments or first responders, we will continue to deliver the right geospatial technology for organizations that need to be able to quickly sense, decide and act as the earth changes.

We look forward to playing a key role in Hexagon’s multi-industry focus and ongoing efforts to truly leverage its entire portfolio for our global customers and partners.

Synchronizing all geospatial needs and transforming multi-source content into actionable information – that’s shaping smart change!


Mladen Stojic 
Hexagon Geospatial


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