Intergraph and Leica Geosystems Offer a New Horizon for Intuitive Operations Excellence

Safety, quality, interoperability and productivity are four words you’ll hear at Intergraph Process, Power & Marine. They are more than buzzwords. In our industries, these are becoming critical requirements for operations excellence by plant owner operators, as their facilities become ever more complex.

Today, let’s talk about a new way to operate existing facilities:

Intergraph PP&M offers SmartPlant for Owner Operators (SPO), the world’s leading plant information management system, which allows plant operators to effectively manage all types of data and documents of their plants, in support of critical operations excellence processes.

Intergraph and Leica Geosystems now have expanded SPO capability to also manage laser scanning data and photographs in an innovative and cost-effective way. Now plant operators can access all types of plant information and support critical work processes using photorealistic virtual plant models. Through Leica Geosystem’s software TruView, the photo-realistic virtual plant models can be linked with any type of data and documents stored in the Intergraph SPO information management system. A plant engineer can operate his plant in a sort of “virtual reality” environment – as if he would physically stand in the plant.

I hope you will join me at Hexagon 2012 next week to hear and see more about this technology, and see our prototype for use of this technology with mobile devices.

Separately, both Intergraph and Leica Geosystems offer our industries great value. Working together, we offer even more … we offer a new horizon.

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