Intelligent and Autonomous: Reaching for Greater Heights

Aibotix GmbH was founded in 2010 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs in Kassel, Germany, who have worked intensively together for many years in the fields of image processing, sensors and robotics.

When we started Aibotix, it was with the intent to design and produce civil intelligent autonomous flying robots, called UAVs or simply “drones.” We felt that “taking pictures from the air” would be a great target business. Because we addressed mainly the market for industrial inspection and mapping, we quickly learned about additional industry requirements such as accuracy and geo-referencing. And that was followed by autopilot guided missions. Intelligent, autonomous and safe, our multi-rotor platform is now designed to suit the needs of customers in the industrial inspection, aerial mapping, surveying, utilities and security markets.

And that opened doors. Earlier this year, we were acquired by Hexagon. The relationship has been symbiotic and the future bright.

The Aibotix acquisition is an important addition to Hexagon’s photogrammetric and mapping technologies portfolio. UAV-based solutions are ideal for delivering up-to-date geospatial information and aiding in the inspection of hard-to-reach infrastructure such as power lines, bridges and dams, as we ll as locally focused mapping tasks for buildings or any vertical structure. In our new role with Hexagon, we will provide application-specific solutions, where the UAV becomes an integral part of the workflow process, delivering essential pieces of information that drive actionable intelligence.

This is a great time to join the Hexagon family of brands. From utilising NovAtel hardware to integrating with Tridicon software for post-processing or interfacing with Intergraph for rapid mapping and data acquisition – the synergies are boundless. We’ve also found the right distribution partner in Leica Geosystems with its worldwide footprint and global distribution channels. We are happy to be part of Hexagon and truly fascinated with what the future holds.

Reshaping the world with UAVs, intelligently and autonomously – that’s shaping smart change.


Joerg Lamprecht

Guest Blogger Profile: 

lamprecht photoJoerg Lamprecht is the founder and CTO of Aibotix, a company with the mission to build the next generation of flying robots. Before Aibotix, he founded Qitera, a search-as-a service company; Cobion, a web security company; and ONLY Solutions, an industrial image-processing company.

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