Innovation Inside — Building the Next Generation of Laser Trackers

Technology develops so quickly these days that we tend to take it for granted. Whether it’s a new car, the latest smartphone or cutting-edge medical devices, the progression between new models really is incredible – but sometimes the usability features that come with them almost mask how big a leap forward they are. Often, this is because the best technology makes difficult things appear easy.

Every time Hexagon Metrology reveals a new or updated product, I’m astonished by the levels of technological advancement in the end result. But I’m also privileged to have an insight into the amount of work that goes into each release. Our product lines work closely with customers to understand their needs and the key drivers behind them, and then develop solutions that meet their demands. We have some extraordinarily talented people in our research and development teams around the world, and they are constantly engaged in finding innovative new ways to solve the real-world problems our customers encounter on a daily basis. And today, I’m very proud of these teams as we introduce the next generation of high-speed laser trackers.

The new Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is the perfect example of the kind of progress I’m describing. Designed with a focus on increased portability and usability, in the AT960 we set out to answer industry demand for a genuinely compact and transportable laser tracker with high-speed dynamics and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) capabilities. The result combines proven laser tracker equipment with the latest electronics and optical technologies in an ultra-portable all-in-one device that fits in a single flight case. Intuitive, easy to use and featuring four different inspection methods from reflector measurements to probing, scanning and machine control solutions, it offers the right way to measure for numerous applications.

This commitment to providing the right way to measure is similarly reflected in the Leica Absolute Tracker AT930, which also launches today. A 3D version of the AT960, it offers all the same high-speed dynamic features and functionality except the 6DoF compatibility, making the AT930 the ideal choice for customers who need to take accurate reflector measurements in large volumes.

Innovating for the future is important. Offering the most complete range of laser trackers on the market and giving customers the opportunity to choose the right equipment for their individual needs – that’s shaping smart change.


Norbert Hanke
Hexagon Metrology

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