Initial Reflections on Hexagon 2012

Looking back at the Hexagon 2012 conference, it is hard to imagine how it could have been improved upon! From the show theme, THINK FORWARD, to the session topics, the attendance of the sessions, the overall content and level of active participation, Hexagon 2012 exceeded all expectations.

A personal highlight for me was how many customers I was able to meet and interact with.  From those interactions, I walked away from the conference with a sense of optimism about the future. One source of this optimism was learning of the day-to-day projects our customers are doing that have a direct, positive impact on our collective future. Another came simply from the realization that many of our customers were busy;  in fact, many had backlogs and were looking for ways to expand their organizations – a positive sign for our industry and for those customers eager to take advantage of Leica Geosystems’ tools and their ingenuity to adapt to the changes that are happening all around us.

One key supporting theme that came out of the conference was “accomplishment.”  It was clear that our customers were not sitting back waiting for things to happen; they were going out and making them happen. Even though we announced lots of new solutions, our customers stole the show by showing us how our solutions could be used to accomplish so much and in ways beyond our predictions. From my perspective, their accomplishments were really amazing.


Here are just some of the comments I heard from attendees about Hexagon 2012:

“The training sessions were great, but the best part of the conference was hearing what others were doing with their scanners and software. It was very encouraging, as well as refreshing, to know that we could be doing that too! So looking forward to next year.”

Mike Straub, PS, Straub Surveying, LLC


“It’s always a success when you can bring together 3,300 people to brag about what they’re doing, and they’re doing it with your family of products. The conference was great, the events were amazing and I’m really excited about attending again next year”

Deanna Burton, GeoSpatial Services, Woolpert


“For me, one of the objectives at the conference was to communicate how different groups in Hexagon (Leica Geosystems, Intergraph®, MicroSurvey, etc) are working together by leveraging their different core competencies to develop more integrated solutions for our customers. We discussed with customers the impact of these solutions, namely optimizing workflows and enabling customers to capitalize on opportunities that simply wouldn’t exist if not for the synergies created by  the different Hexagon groups. In fact, I’d like to share a few things attendees said about their experience leveraging this advantage: “

“You might accuse me of drinking the ‘Kool-Aid,’ but I believe the promised integration between Leica Geosystems and Intergraph is starting to take place, driven as much by customers as Hexagon. It’s evolution, not revolution, but what’s wrong with creating customer driven solutions?”

Gene Roe, LS, PE, PhD, Editor, LidarNews


“Hexagon 2012 was one of the most comprehensive conferences I have attended, the open access and collaboration between the Hexagon platforms will directly equate to success for me and other users.”

Jody J. Lounsbury, PLS, Associate, Section Manager – 3D Laser Scanning, CHA


Looking forward — and thinking forward — we remain committed to identifying synergies in core competencies across the entire Hexagon organization to maximize solutions for our customers and their clients. And, most importantly, we will continue to provide our customers with the best measuring, design and planning tools available.

I can’t wait to hear about the next challenges that you are able to conquer, and I look forward to seeing you at Hexagon 2013.



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