In Line and On Time – 360° Smart Inline Measurement Solutions

In today’s world, the pressures of increasing efficiency and productivity in the automotive industry are an essential reason for us to continuously increase and enhance our technology. The need for reliable measurement information is an important quality assurance tool for vehicle manufacturers worldwide, so we want to provide our clients the right solutions and keep their productivity high. Tomorrow’s factories will be smarter and more digitalised than ever before, and in the future, automation will play a significant role across all industrial sectors, especially automotive. Our answer to these demanding challenges is the new 360° Smart Inline Measurement Solutions (SIMS).

If I had to describe the new 360° SIMS with only three words, they would be fast, rich and actionable. Hexagon Metrology is now able to offer our clients broad solutions for a fully automated dimensional and quality process within the production line. The solutions can be completely integrated into any automotive production line and will serve the manufacturer during the launch, ramp-up and ongoing production. A full surface inspection with high and constant accuracy can now be measured within the production cycle time with up to 100% of the car bodies, parts or sub-assemblies. With our reliable metrology methods, innovative software and sensor technology, we have created a new understanding for quality assurance within the line. These solutions are based upon our long-time development and worldwide implementation of a large variety of different measurement systems for the automotive industry.

We are constantly in contact with our clients, which helps us develop our solutions and technology to the needs of our customer, enabling us to continually innovate and develop new products such as 360° SIMS. The installations are always fully adapted to the environment and surrounding industry applications of the production site. These installations typically include our shop floor-proven White Light Sensors and a powerful point cloud-based software tool. Because the software system is manipulated with a simple touchscreen interface, it is even possible for operators with basic knowledge and training to supervise the measurement process. All the data is visualised easily and identifies any cause for quality concerns.

The 360° SIMS are compatible with all commonly used industrial robots, PLCs, automation devices and safety equipment. Cell configurations include in-line, near-the-line and offline options to support a variety of customer applications throughout stamping, body shop and final assembly sub-plants. Other options include a patent-pending alignment and measuring device for large objects, innovative software tools for large data set visualisation and analysis, as well as fixed optical sensors for complementing measurement tasks. As I mentioned, 360° SIMS cells can be positioned anywhere along production lines and production bays to support the customer’s dimensional control strategies.

We are very proud of our new 360° SIMS and happy to welcome them to the  Hexagon Metrology product family. Our solutions bring a huge benefit to our customers in relation to today’s industrial demands and will serve in the future as a primary measurement system for the automotive industry.

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