HxM Athena: Dollars and Sense

HxM Athena answers the challenge of operational integration throughout the end-to-end business of mining. It connects data, processes and people, improving the entire mining lifecycle from exploration, planning, drilling and blasting, to loading, hauling, stockpiling, processing, and ensuring safety as well as machine health and maintenance. In a centralized location, Athena combines, correlates and displays long and short-term planning with geological and geographical models, fleet management telematics, operations and mine-centric key performance indicators.

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In our latest podcast, Steve Brown discusses how Hexagon Mining’s performance-indicator bundle HxM Athena addresses the challenge facing all mines- data from multiple sources with no single correlated source of context or relevance. Click here to listen now!

Athena enhances all Hexagon Mining technologies, integrating solutions and transforming data into knowledge. Hexagon Mining unites four leading technologies: MineSight, SAFEmine, Leica Jigsaw and SmartMine UG and consolidates these technologies by focusing on integration, synergy and context.

Integration means managing and converging activities within different functions of the mining process. Aligning a massive amount of data requires gathering, funneling, analysing and presenting many disparate sources. Athena means managers no longer need to seek answers or information from a multitude of sources.

However, improving efficiency and driving change requires more than just a few individual parts thrown together in a mix. Innovative operations persistently identify new methods of making the pieces work together to streamline and connect complex business processes to operate smarter. Mines want to understand the story behind the data.

Athena connects data, delivers context to events and processes, and exposes areas for focused improvement. Mines want to measure the effects of execution and workflow events. Being able to integrate mine planning data with fleet management systems information quickly and seamlessly enables operations to design mining plans that reflect reality. Blasting fragmentation distribution directly affects material movement, grade control and processing and recovery. Good blasting practices benefit key areas downstream and effective operations focus on this critical process to maximise value. The ability to see production information in near real time is critical to an agile mine planning process. Mining means engineering the recovery of a resource; it’s not just moving tons. Monitoring material attribution, tracking destination and identifying potential misroutes are central to profitability and efficiency.

Athena empowers miners to tell a story with data via engaging and interactive presentation methods. More than just reporting, or archiving historical data, mines want to know how to improve, what needs to change and where to direct efforts. Athena ensures that in addition to trending and prediction, data is analysed and correlated geographically or spatially, or as business events based on time and context.

Hexagon Mining delivers solutions that cultivate a data-driven culture where tools promote better models and processes as well as safer, more productive operations. By harnessing data from systems across the whole value chain, information becomes knowledge. HxM Athena empowers miners to make dollars and sense- now that’s shaping smart change.

 steve brown
Stephen Brown, Product Manager – Mobile Maintenance Health Monitoring & Business Analytics
Stephen Brown joined Leica Geosystems Mining in April 2010, as a software engineer for business intelligence in product development. His goal is to unite data with curiosity and businessacumen to solve problems. Prior to joining Leica he was a business and systems analyst in different industries, including banking, finance, space planning and higher education. Since 2002, he has worked with virtually every aspect of the data life cycle and is passionate about data monetization, analytics and visualization. He always asks: “What are you going to do with that data?”
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