Hexagon’s Center of Excellence in India: A Pathway to the Future

The Journey Thus Far

I recently joined the newly titled Hexagon Capability Center India (HCCI) in Hyderabad as its Country Director. HCCI has long been successful as the Intergraph Capability Center (ICC) and has been supporting Hexagon’s global network of brands for the last couple of years.

We have come a long way since our inception. We began as a small group operating on a handful of software products and are now a one thousand-strong employee workforce managing many products spanning the realms of hardware, middleware and software. We shifted from a primarily development setup to a world-class unit where we handle quality assurance, documentation, product management, system landscape maintenance, customer-specific implementations and support, as well as various regular software development.

Describing this progress solely as a growth in numbers and scope would not do it justice. This journey also symbolizes a growth in confidence – internal and external. Stakeholders from across the globe feel confident in HCCI’s capabilities to deliver tasks and responsibilities, and we have delivered on those heightened expectations.

Present Challenges

While we are proud of our past achievements in stability and performance, we still face our share of challenges for the future. We are consistently working to stay ahead and do not intend to slow down our innovation.

Expectations from the technology ecosystem are constantly changing. Previously, it may have been acceptable to have technology and business skills completely segregated among individuals — now we need employees that can play both sides: to be well versed in tech terminology and business acumen. We are enhancing our ability to recruit and nurture these individuals, and to help our organization continue to prosper as a result.

As Generation X becomes a larger part of the employee workforce, our organization must shift focus to align with their needs. These brilliant newcomers are accustomed to high-quality user experiences (UX) and expect the same from their organization. Managerial setup and leadership must evolve to keep them attracted, engaged, motivated and productive.

In addition to our hiring and training practices, we need to promote the complete and diverse brand portfolio we are working on at HCCI while harnessing the good name that Intergraph has built in this city for nearly three decades. With Hexagon’s global recognition on our side, we are better prepared to face these challenges.

Looking Ahead

When we break down our present challenges into smaller actionable items, many objectives emerge:

  • To ensure smooth brand transition from ICC to HCCI and openly communicate with our employee base, as well as the local talent pool.
  •  To increase our ability to recruit and keep quality talent, we will review current policies and processes, tweak what currently exists and introduce new items as needed to remain current and relevant.
  •  To promote leadership, we will help managers build and practice their soft skills through increased training and internal/ external opportunities.

Over the years, HCCI has emerged as a choice technology execution centre, and we will continue to provide products and services that ensure confidence from Hexagon’s brands.

Creating an exciting and challenging journey toward a destination of excellence – now that’s shaping smart change.


Navaneet Mishra
Country Director,
Hexagon Capability Center India


Guest Blogger Profile:

Navaneet Mishra
Country Director, Hexagon Capability Center India

Navaneet Mishra is Country Director responsible for the Hexagon Capability Center India. He focuses on the center’s growth, stability, costs, productivity, employee satisfaction, and brand transition. He has been with the center since November 2013.

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