Hexagon Smart M.Apps Change the Game

As a society, at work or at play, we have developed high expectations in our ability to discover, purchase and use technologically-sophisticated products. With the rise of the smartphone, rapid application development and ease of distribution via virtual stores, the market is extremely focused on delivering highly specialised applications that support individual needs. Daily, these applications are becoming more accessible to more people.

Riding the wave of this new paradigm, Hexagon Geospatial, along with other software and data providers, now provide streamlined applications that fit well into unique business processes.

Building a Smarter Application

Hexagon Geospatial helps individuals and organisations make sense of the dynamically changing world. Globally, organisations rely on our suite of products, collectively called the Power Portfolio, to make critical decisions.

We recognise that organisations of all shapes and sizes are all essentially trying to achieve the same thing, and that is to perform focused analyses and deliver key business insights about specific problems. We also recognise our potential to provide the right technology,enabling development of smart applications to solve these many targeted business requirements.

Traditionally providing broad geospatial functionality within commercial-off-the-shelf software, Hexagon Geospatial and its partners have embarked upon a new, transformative approach. In a nutshell, our business partner network is perfectly poised to understand your local requirements and then build and deploy data-driven, vertical market applications that suit your needs. Working closely with you, our partners select key components of the Power Portfolio, couple it with particular data and ultimately provide a unique solution. We call these Hexagon Smart M.Apps®.

The Map of the Future is a Hexagon Smart M.App

While well-designed maps capture attention, it’s the simple maps coupled with data and analytics that matter and are the most useful. And to get the analytics that matter to you, the application has to thoroughly understand your workflow.

Hexagon Smart M.Apps are dynamic, lightweight market applications. This modern platform combines creatively designed maps, analytics and your workflows to solve distinct business problems, all in one smart application. Now you can see the world in varying views, incorporating multiple types of fresh data.

By enabling the development and distribution of elegant, industry-specific applications that can be quickly implemented, Hexagon Geospatial is taking the geospatial industry to the next level.

Get on Board Now

Our global network of Hexagon Geospatial channel partners are already working with customers worldwide to develop applications that leverage these technological strengths, simplifying and customising the experience for you. These specialised applications may also be shared–so you can easily discover a Hexagon Smart M.App, or be part of the creation.

Experience Hexagon Smart M.Apps and learn how they change the game. Sign up for a preview and get training on building and deploying Hexagon Smart M.Apps.


Amy Zeller
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hexagon Geospatial

Blogger Profile:

Amy Zeller is a Product Marketing Manager for enterprise and mobile products at Hexagon Geospatial. Amy has worked for Hexagon companies for over a decade in various positions including sales, marketing and product management. She holds a Masters of City Planning from Georgia Tech and a B.A. in Communications from Jacksonville University. Amy is highly active in the geospatial industry and is a past-president of Georgia URISA and also Mid South ASPRS.

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